July 4th, 2018

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K-Pop Industry Execs Rank Most Influential People In Korean Music Industry

In honor of their 33rd anniversary, news outlet Sports Seoul surveyed 35 individuals from different agencies to figure out who are power people in various fields.

The industry insiders were asked to rank the top three in each category. Getting voted as No. 1 yields 3 points, No. 2 yields 2 points, and No. 3 yields 1 point. Since 35 industry insiders participated in the survey, the highest amount of points possible for one team is 105 points.

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Sources: Sports Seoul 1 2 via soompi, asianjunkie

Interesting poll because all the CEOs and directors from the K-Pop companies participated. Even Tiger JK ha.
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G.O and Choi Ye Seul may marry next year, also don't kiss

G.O and Choi Ye Seul may be getting married soon. G.O said, “We want to have a small wedding sometime next year. It is true that we are meeting with marriage in mind. I have a lot of shortcomings, so I want to lean on her. I think we’re very compatible, which is why I want to get married. Rather than having a fancy wedding, I want to use that money go on a big family trip abroad.”

However, the couple surprised everyone when they said they don’t kiss. G.O explained, “We talked about it when we first met, and Ye Seul says she doesn’t like kissing, and that if the other person’s breath smells, it ruins the mood.”

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Source: @soompi | news1, TVreport, XsportsNews, chicnews via soompi 1 2

Omona, do you dislike kissing?

Preview for "Your House Helper"

"Your House Hunter" is based on a webtoon of the same name and stars Ha Suk-jin as an unlikely housekeeper—he’s the son of a wealthy political family who stood up to his parents and got disowned for sticking to his principles, and ends up working as a “house helper” who fixes career women’s messy homes and messy lives. WJSN's Bona co-stars as an ambitious intern at an ad agency and one of his clients.

Go Won Hee will be playing the role of house owner Yoon Sang Ah, who inherited both a house and debt from her father. While Yoon Sang Ah is a bold career woman on the outside, she shows a different side of herself at home. Lee Ji Hoon's character is lawyer Kwon Jin Kook, who has everything from skills to a wealthy background, but lacks experience when it comes to dating.

The production comes from PD Jeon Woo-sung of the uplifting underdog drama Strongest Deliveryman and writer Kim Ji-sun, one of the junior writers on The Producers.

"Your House Helper" premieres on KBS on Wednesday, July 4.

Sources: KBS World | Dramabeans/News1 | Soompi/Nate/Newsen
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Day6 "Shoot Me: Youth Part 1" First Week Round-up Post! (SUPER Media Heavy)

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whew! they've already done and accomplished so much in their first week... their relationship with dingo is adorable (when will dingo let wonpil live??), sales are doing super well, and they're busy promoting everywhere! i'd download their melon radio logo song tbh, it's so soothing.

what's your favorite day6 moment been this promotion?

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Blackpink talk about their new album with Billboard

  • How has Blackpink evolved since the last album?

  • What is the meaning of the scene in DDDD where Jisoo is faced with masked men?

  • Are there any outfits in DDDD that you want to add to your wardrobe?

  • If you were a song from "Square Up", which song would you be and why?

  • What do you want to do since you've returned with new music?

source: billboard