July 18th, 2018



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sources: mnetofficial, r/produce48 (1, 2), mlbdonga, dcinside

I swear I wasn't crying during the elimination. Do you agree w/ the trainees choosing Wang Yiren as the prettiest trainee?
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GOT7 on PeopleNow (part 2 / full interview)

Source: PeopleTV

This time we got.... 4 minutes! SORRY my mistake omg there was a 24min long version that was released later, I'm switching the link to that one if that's okay @mods!

So we did end up getting our comprehensive interview after all (this one includes the shorter part 1 so it's the whole interview without cuts) and these are the BEST questions/answers we've had so far imo! It's just a really random interview but it's entertaining lol.

And everyone did speak English in various amounts (even though they had a translator available)!

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the J-14 interview w/ Liam McEwan
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After School Club Announces Their New MCs!!

Source: Arirang_ASC

!!!!! NICE @seungmin

not quite sure who the other MC is... he was on kpop star apparently?
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AKB48 member and Produce 48 contestant Chiyori Nakanishi facing backlash for kimchi comment

Chiyori Nakanishi is a member of the Japanese girl group AKB48 and is currently a participant in the reality show Produce 48. Some South Korean netizens dug up a joke she made in 2014 on episode 49 of the reality show HKT no Odekake ("HKT Goes Out"). While the girls from HKT48 are visiting South Korea, Nakanishi (who was a member at the time of filming before being transferred to AKB48) comments jokingly, "It smells like kimchi!" right after leaving the airport. Natsumi Matsuoka (another Produce 48 contestant) playfully slaps her, saying, "That's not true!", and Chihiro Anai adds, "It doesn't!"

Even though Nakanishi meant it as a joke, "kimchi" is a common racial slur used against Koreans and many people are understandably upset by it. Nakanishi, nor her management, have not yet addressed a statement surrounding this incident.

Nakanishi came in at #39 last week in Produce 48, but there's a possibility that this controversy will affect her in the coming weeks and basically Milkshake Duck her.

Source: The Korea Times, video footage (at 9:45)
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World Cup hottie Mats Hummels wants to swap jerseys with Blackpink

Eventhough Germany got kicked out of the Worldcup early (partly because of Korea), Football hottie Mats Hummels somehow went viral "after one of their WorldCup players (Kim Young Kwon) told the story of Mats going out of his way to exchange jerseys with a positive attitude, even after the disappointing result." The official US twitter account for FC Bayern (the club he's playing) then asked him if he would prefer swapping jerseys with BTS or BLACKPINK, to which OP's bae choose the girls.

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Good choice, Mats!

sources: @matshummels, @FCBayernUS

Yoo Jae-suk to host his first variety show at tvN


‘God Yoo’ Yoo Jae-suk is finally entering tvN. He will be working with producer Kim Min-suk, who recently moved to tvN from KBS, and follow comedian Cho Sae-ho, who he worked with on MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’.

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Okay...I want to know what hold Cho Sae Ho has on Yoo Jae Suk. Because YJS has been supporting him for so long now, and Sae Ho sucks. He sucks so bad. Soooo bad. I personally remember him sucking so bad since at 2013, when YJS brought him to IC for the Xmas show. I'm thinking maybe a it's some sort of curse? Because a gypsy once told me I had a curse on me.

source: KPopLove via KoreaDaily

Cast for ‘Law of the Jungle’ Maldive Islands Confirmed

On July 18, SBS confirmed that Jeong Se-woon, Weki Meki Kim Do-yeon, NCT Lucas, and Momoland Yeonwoo have joined the cast for the next rendition of “Law of the Jungle.”

The Kpop idols, except Yeonwoo, are reportedly apart of the first batch of adventures. Jung, Kim, and Lucas will travel to an island near the Maldives in the Indian Ocean where they will conquer various challenges to survive.

This announcement comes on the tail of earlier reports that confirmed the appearance of several athletes. According to the earlier articles, Olympian Lee Sang-hwa, world champion Kwak Yoon-gy, and badminton player Lee Yong-dae will all test their mettle in the jungle.

With this unique blend of athletes and idols, the next “Law of the Jungle,” is already raising expectations.

source: KPopLove via Naver 1 2

"Inrang" Trailer and Cast Photoshoot + Netflix Pick Up

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Acclaimed director Kim Jee-woon's long-anticipated sci-fi thriller "Inrang" was partly unveiled to media on Monday. Set in 2029 with the two Koreas having agreed to launch a unified government, South Korean police launches a special unit to stop an anti-reunification terrorist group called "Sect." Feeling threatened by the growing influence of the formidable police unit, the state intelligence agency plots to destroy it. As they engage in a veiled battle, rumors that the unit has secret human weapons called "wolves" spread quickly across the country.

"The title 'Inrang' comes from the Korean word meaning 'werewolf.' In the movie, you can see a man who is raised to be a human weapon but is torn between conflicting values inside of him through the main character named Im Joong-kyung," Kim said during a press conference to promote the forthcoming film at a Seoul theater.

It is a Korean live-action adaptation of the Japanese animated film masterpiece "The Wolf Brigade" by Hiroyuki Okiura. Kim said it was a "reckless decision" to remake the animated work but he made every effort not to disappoint the original movie's fans.

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Dating shows in vogue in Korea

Lee Hyun, a chef in his late 40s, says he argued recently with his mother about a TV dating show. "My mother saw me watching the show and said I should stop looking at others dating, go outside and mind my own business. That remark set off emotional attacks on each other," he said. Lee has been single for years. "It's fun having guessing games myself of who matches with whom and seeing the changes of heart. It's almost like watching a real-time romance drama."

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Do you watch these shows, Omona? I've only watched a little of Romance Package, but I found it really boring. But I don't watch dating shows in general.

source: The Korea Times

IU renews her contract with Kakao M

On July 19, Kakao M (formerly known as LOEN) announced that “IU recently renewed her contract with our company and decided to stay with us as our exclusive artist.”

After 10 years of staying at Kakao M, IU was reaching the end of her first contract. While discussing her future plans, the singer confirmed there exists a mutual trust between her and the company, and decided to renew her contract even before it expired. Thus, she got to prove her loyalty to a company who has taken care of her for the last 10 years.

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source: KPopLove via KoreaDaily

Man Arrested For installing Hidden Cameras In Motels

A man was arrested for allegedly installing hidden cameras in motel rooms and transferring the content online, police said Wednesday.

The man, 43, had reportedly installed 17 cameras in three motels near Seocho-gu, Seoul, since October 2014.

A motel guest made a police report after suspecting that hidden cameras were installed on June 23.

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Source: Korea Herald

Déjà vu for the 1998 Miss Korea in 2018

Miss Korea 1988, actress Kim Sung-ryung, 51, who headed the judging panel for the 2018 Miss Korea Pageant, revealed on Instagram how she felt after the contest ended on Wednesday.

"Congratulations. I cheer you for courage and challenge (of Miss Korea contestants,)" the actress wrote. "I was quivering." The actress also unveiled a photo of her with the contestants.

Dubbed one of the most beautiful Miss Koreas, Kim was also selected as the No. 1 wannabe of the 2018 candidates. "Despite being an actress now, my 'root' is Miss Korea," Kim said during the contest. "I am proud to see many Miss Korea winners taking active roles in a wide range of fields, and hope candidates for the 2018 contest can show off the power of women too."

Singer Yura of K-pop girl band Girl's Day, who hosted the competition with comedian Park Soo-hong, said: "It is my honor to join the flagship contest of Korea that seeks out beauty."

For the 2018 Miss Korea Pageant, Kim Soo-min, 23, was crowned Korea's most beautiful woman.

Posting because Kim Sung Ryung is 51?!? Mother fucker. She has been looking the same for as long as I can remember. The 2018 winner, Kim Soo Min is to her left. Favorite Miss Korea? Lee Honey 4ever!

source: The Korea Times
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BTS their new album LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer', which will have 7 new songs, was made available for pre-order starting today. And of course they broke their own record for 1st day pre-orders on Ktown4u.

27,161 People pre-ordered the album on the 1st day, compared to 19k with LY: Tear.

Pre-order 'SELF (NOW PRINTING)' for clear skin now.



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@btschartdata, @bt_geek_stats & my mind calculating preorders.
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GOT7's Forbes interview

Source: TamarWrites

Omona, what do you think is GOT7's sound? Is it a fusion of SSIxJustRight as they suggested, or something else?

Where do you see GOT7 heading in the future?
dead @ Jackson mentioning Dream Knight (tho another webseries from them would be fun tbh)

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Good Day New York
the J-14 interview w/ Liam McEwan

TraxX's Jungmo reminisces on the band's 14th debut anniversary


오늘 14주년 기념, 데뷔 이후 지금까지 사진 정리📷(2004~2018)앞으로의 내 모습은 어떨지 나도 궁금🤔! 그나저나 새로운 TraxX 곧 출동합니다! 진짜 조금만 기다려주세요🤘🤘#20040717#14anniversary#TraxX#Comingsoon

Today marks the 14th anniversary, and I made a collage of myself from debut up to now (2004-2018) I'll be curious as to what I'll look like in the future! Please look forward for the new TraxX! Please just wait a bit more!
#20040717 #14anniversary #TraxX #Comingsoon

pureandsexy/guitarjm (see the rest of the pics at these links!)
trans: lelouchikaru

Happy 14 years to TRAX/TraxX! I'm surprised SM didn't post about them