July 21st, 2018

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Travel the World on EXO's Ladder Ep 35-40 - The Last of CBX in Japan!

Click on the image to watch episode 35 on Dailymotion!

Dailymotion: Episode 36 | Episode 37 | Episode 38 | Episode 39 | Episode 40

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now that this season is finished, how do you feel about this concept and its execution? what are your feelings about this season overall? what do you hope to see next season, and who do you hope to see participate?
IU and Gain - Modern Times Photoshoot

Did Jimin Call Jungkook the Korean Equivalent of the N-word?

An old video from the 2015 Summer Package has become the topic of discussion recently because in the beginning of the video, Jimin called Jungkook a "Kkamdoongie(깜둥이)". "Kkamdoongie" can have two meanings, but it is a racist insult when used against a black person.

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Source: Bangtan Subs, hanchul@twitter, vlissful@twitter

There's more explaination in the links to both threads. Given that his comment was about Jungkook's tan and BTS has made other colorist comments during this time period, it's more likely that it's a negative connotation. A lot of Black fans are hurt by his comment. I hope they address this like they did with the 'naega' censorship issue.
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Exo's Baekhyun Hints That Collab with Loco in the Works

Fans who attened SM THE STATION Concert today are all talking about how he half hinted/half confirmed this was happening. SM Station is apparently also coming back for a third season.

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source: byunificial on TWITTER |NCT on IG | SMTOWN on IG

I can see this being a Can't Help Myself Pt 2
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180721 MBC Music Core

Winners Announcement





'Dance The Night Away'


'Only One For Me'

Digital + Album Sales (음원 + 음반) 2638 6000 2975
MV Charts / MBC Radio Viewer Votes (동영상/MBC 라디오 시청자 위원회) 686 2292 1389
Text Votes (문자 투표) 33 1500 1143
Final Total 6230 7273 4348

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sources: MBCkpop

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[TW] Principal Found Dead After Teacher Revealed To Be Raping Disabled Students

A principal of a special school for disabled students in Gangwon Province was found dead Thursday morning, days after the revelation that one of the teachers had sexually harassed and raped students with mental disabilities over several years.

According to police, an apartment security guard found the 68-year-old principal lying dead in a flower bed in front of the apartment building, and reported it to police at 4:55 a.m.

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Source: Korea Herald

Anda Signs With YGX Entertainment

  • Signed an exclusive contract with YGX Entertainment, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment

  • YGX Entertainment's CEO is currently Seungri

  • Made her debut in 2012 as Andamiro and released a bunch of underrated songs; changed her stage name to Anda and is still criminally underrated

source: naver, newsen via soompi