August 7th, 2018

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🍋 DIA "Summer Ade" roundup - pics, tracklist, song & dance preview! 🍋

Chaeyeon and Somyi performed a 30-second song & dance preview of the album's title track, "Woo Woo," on Hello Counselor. You can view their performance on VLive: [Chaeyeon] [Somyi]

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Sources: Twitter: dia_official (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), Twitter: dia_intl (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

i love the aesthetic, jenny especially looks so grown up and gorgeous! can't wait to hear the full song
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Sunye in talks to sign with Polaris and Return To Industry

Industry representatives reported that she is starting up activities again with Polaris Entertainment. She has reportedly already started filming for some programs. (OP note: rumors say KOMS??)

In response, Polaris Entertainment commented, “Regarding an exclusive contract with Sunye, [both sides] are positively considering.”

sources: @soompi, Hanguk Ilbo, Xsports News via soompi

Are you looking forward to Sunye's comeback?
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Last CNBlue member Jong Hyun enlists

On August 7, his agency FNC Entertainment revealed, “Lee Jong Hyun quietly enlisted today. Although he has already entered, we have decided to not share his enlistment location and such due to his personal wishes.”

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Source: cnbluegt, @soompi, soompi
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YGE to create a new Hip Hop Program (not an audition show)

Industry representatives reported that YG Entertainment is launching a hip hop idol audition program, and high-rank staff members have created a new team in charge of the show. According to the reports, the program will be broadcast not via television but through a different method with Naver.

One source commented, “It’s a new attempt they wanted to try for awhile. It’s different from a simple audition, and it will officially begin in October after a preparation period.

In response, a representative from YG Entertainment clarified, “It is not an audition program,” and explained, “PD Han Dong Chul is planning a hip hop program that is completely different from ‘Show Me the Money.'”

Han Dong Chul, who previously produced “Show Me the Money,” led “MIXNINE” after joining YG Entertainment in 2017.

Sources: @soompi, SportsSeoul, Osen via soompi
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ACE/UNB's Chan involved in a car accident (minor injury)

Updated August 7 KST:
In the statement released on August 7, Beat Interactive explained that a car in the next lane had collided slightly with the side of the vehicle Chan was traveling in. Chan had been sitting in the front passenger seat, and hit his knee and forehead on the glove compartment and rear-view mirror respectively. Although he did not have major injuries, he’d been taken to the hospital for an examination just in case.

Beat Interactive wrote, “The doctors have determined through a thorough examination (X-ray and CT) that there is nothing wrong. He is currently resting at the dorm after being discharged from the hospital, as was the recommendation from the hospital.”

Source: Naver via @balloon_wanted, ACE Daum via soompi

The Return of Superman Ep 236

Sian, Sua & Seola

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Sian and his sisters get into the spirit of Frozen and spent time ice skating. Then he goes on a mission to get more chicken. They do eat a lot of chicken at that house lol. William and his family are still in Singapore and get a surprise visitor. Bentley is really all about the food now. Kahi gives birth to her second child and her husband...goes wakeboarding? Like, I know she and the baby are in the hospital being taken care of, but personally I would be so pissed off. Noah's so cute with the baby.

source: KBS World TV 1 2 3 4 5 6
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

A Dance Post: Some Athletic Choreo of 2018 (so far)


There was a lot of comments about not seeing anything hard dance wise from this year's releases. This isn't a top list and very non-scientific. What others would you add?

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source: TwiceYT | Happyface Ent | M2 1 2 | HYOLYN OFFICIAL | SMTOWN

an excuse to talk about choreo since we talk a lot about visuals and music! who stood out? what's been missing this year?

Public Toilets To Be Monitored To Crack Down On Spycam Porn

Public bathrooms in all transportation hubs in South Korea, including airports, bus terminals, metro and train stations, will be regularly monitored as a measure to better deal with secret cameras installed in public toilets, as well as spy cam pornography that has been prevalent in the cyberspace in the country, its government announced Sunday.

Spycam pornography, locally known as “molka,” generally refers to secretly produced, sexually exploitive videos or pictures of women in public spaces, such as restrooms and subways, among others. Such contents have also been created and shared online by victims’ ex-boyfriends, typically in retaliation with the intent to damage the women's future job and marriage prospects.

The announcement follows on the heels of the fourth edition of ongoing women’s rights rallies against spycam pornography, which was held near the presidential office in central Seoul on Saturday. According to organizers, some 70,000 people participated in the rally this weekend -- about 10,000 more than the previous held last month -- in spite of a scorching heat wave that has gripped the country. Since its first edition in May, the demonstrations have been recorded as the biggest women’s movement in South Korean history.

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Source: Korea Herald
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PENTAGON E'Dawn and Yanan will not be attending 1st fanclub anniversary 'UNIBIRTHDAY'

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Sources: CUBE_PTG, Yutopia_ptg

Is this the right decision?
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SM Teases The Next Station '0' Song and It's Epic

[#STATIONx0] Who is NEXT?

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SM's Station Insta account has released teasers for the next Station '0' (the pre-release series of songs for the next season of SM Station).

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The top guesses are Seulgi and [who could it be??]SinB, Chungha, and Soyeon!!!

source: smstation on IG 1, 2, 3, 4

(G)I-DLE teaser for digital single "HANN"

SOURCE: (G)I-DLE Twitter

One week to go! So, the whistle teaser was really just a whistle teaser and not the title of their next song. Who got trolled?