August 8th, 2018

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Jung Joonyoung and Park Jiyeon have dating rumors again. Deny again.

Yesterday, a news outlet reported that the two have been dating for over a year. This comes after they were first rumored to be dating back in April 2017.

Shortly after, Jiyeon and Jung Joonyoung denied these rumors again, stating that “The rumors of her dating Jung Joon Young are false. She is not currently in a position to be seeing anyone.” and “He is not in a relationship with T-ara’s Jiyeon. They are just friends.”

Sources: Illgan Sports, MyDaily, Osen, Sports Choseon via @soompi
Woozi laughing but not
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Korea Broadcasting Actors Union Joins KEMA In Boycott Of Fantagio

The boycott against Fantagio has expanded further. According to SportsSeoul, KEMA sent a notice to its members on August 8 sharing that the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union (KBAU) is joining the boycott.

KBAU chairman Kim Joon Mo stated, “After checking KEMA’s official notice on this Fantagio situation, we support KEMA’s stance as it is a severe issue that harms the foundation of the industry, and we will actively participate in the boycott.”

He continued, “KBAU currently consists of about 5,000 people in five divisions (television actors, voice actors, comedians, stage actors, action actors) and is the country’s only labor union for this specific industry, so this decision was made for the development of popular culture and to immediately straighten out this Fantagio situation along with KCIF and KEMA.”

Sources: @soompi, SportsSeoul via soompi
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Recent change in law: Men can no longer delay enlistment and must enlist by age 28

The enlistment law prior to August 1st allowed men to delay enlistment up to age of 30, however on August 1st, 2018 a new law came into effect changing this age to 28. This means all idols born in 1989 and 1990 MUST enlist by end of 2018 / Jan 2019.

The change in law was already introduced in June, where those 28 and older in entertainment (and others) cannot delay.

Since the new law became effective only Aug 1st, media started releasing articles with idols who will enlist.

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Sources: idolinews via balloonwanted 1 2 3
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SM Reveals Almost All Of The Station '0' Collaborations + More

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sources: SMTOWN Youtube 2 | SMTOWN Twitter 2 | AIOLOS Sehun

curious to see who else they're going to add to the Crush/Penemenco collab and who the last one is! Any wishes?
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Summer Queens Red Velvet earn SM its first perfect all-kill on the charts ✨

Red Velvet's Power Up snags a PAK, the first for the group and SM, and becomes the second girl group to get a PAK in 2018 since the chart reform, in just 50 hours from release (breaking the previous BP record of 56 hours). Congratulations to the girls!

source: kpopchartsdata

finally shaun is defeated
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Blacklisted Sungjong Fansite accuses Woollim of selling private info about their artists to fansites

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Springflowers (the fansite) is a popular Sungjong fansite that recently got blacklisted. They probably did buy private info and engage in sasaeng-behaviour. They are accusing Woollim managers of selling the info. There's also no full translation of the fansite-account yet. Apart from this accusation, Springflowers also accuses the company of treating Sungjong poorly and threatens to sue (not sure whom). Woollim has only responded with the announcement of Sunggyu's Shine Live Album Preorder till now.

Source: 93springflowers via sweetsungyeoI, deereye_yeol, piayounges, sync606, Gyu_qiela