August 13th, 2018

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DIA's Jueun and BTOB's Sungjae dating? Agencies deny; Woo Woo thrives

MBK Entertainment and Cube Entertainment responded to recent dating rumors concerning Jueun and Sungjae, who are the same age.

MBK: "It is not true that she is dating Yook Sungjae. It is true that they were recently at a gathering with acquaintances, but we have checked [with her] and found out that they are not close."

Cube: "We checked with him, and it is true that they were at a gathering with acquaintances, but they are not dating."

However, the rumors may have drawn some attention to DIA's latest single "Woo Woo," as the song shot to the top of Melon's Rising Chart. "Woo Woo" rose a total of 364 positions on the chart. This is great news for DIA fans, since the group previously expressed worries that this comeback might be their last.

Source: TVDaily & Naver (1, 2) via Soompi, Naver (1, 2) via Soompi

in light of all the denied rumors that turned out to be true lately, 🤔

Big Bang parents at Seungri's solo concert

GD and Taeyang's parents flew to Japan for Seungri's solo concert

"BIGBANG's parents who have a better relationship than BIGBANG themselves huhuhu came today to support my solo concert in Japan! Thank you for giving birth to cool sons! #SeungriMomDad #TaeyangMomDad #GDMomDad "

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Awww his mom with a merch bag lol! I hope she got his Great Panda lightsticks. I love that the families all travel together for the overseas shows.

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Battle Trip in Canada Part 1

With FT Island's Honggi and actress Seo Hyorim. They battle against Red Velvet's Wendy and Seulgi.

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Honggi is such an annoying little brother, I'm 99% sure Hyorim beat him up off screen lol. But I love her, her Dubai and Italy episodes were really good. Anyways, I only eat plain funnel cake with powdered sugar.

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"Train To Busan" producer working on next zombie film


According to an official source from the production, producer Yeon Sang-ho is currently writing the scenario for the second part of his zombie thriller.

“The movie is one of the projects Producer Yeon is reviewing as his following title,” said an insider. “It will be a zombie movie and Yeon has been working on the piece for a long time. He is currently working on the scenario.”

Titled “Peninsular” (literal translation), his new zombie movie is commonly known as a second part of “Train to Busan.” However, the producer clarified that it will share the fictional universe with the movie.

“Peninsular” is currently at the initial phase of the production, with a plan to start filming in 2019.

source: KPopLove via Osen
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BTOB 'This Is Us' Concert Recap + Videos

On August 10, BTOB held their first “2018 BTOB Time – This Is Us” concert at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. The concert was especially meaningful due to leader Eunkwang’s upcoming enlistment.

The members didn’t disappoint as they serenaded fans with their powerful vocals and rap. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be BTOB without some of their trademark humor and hilariousness.

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The Soompi write-up is from Day 1 of the concert but the video footage is from Day 3, so the summaries/videos do not correspond exactly. There are also slight differences in the encore stages. You can view the full concert starting from this link.

I bawled tbqh....

Korean-American MV director accuses BTS of getting plastig surgery

Joseph Khan was born in Busan but has lived in the US since he was 3. He has produced many famous music videos during his career, such as Britney's "Toxic", PCD's "When I Grow Up" and basically all of Tswift's videos during her "1989" and "Reputation"-era. He's also known for slamming the Kardashians on Twitter, defending Taylor Swift for only supporting white supremacists, claiming that Beyonce copied Taylor Swift and dissing Katy Perry's song "Swish Swish".

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sources: @JosephKhan 1, 2
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BTOB Chooses Next Leader + Member Switch-Ups

BTOB had fun talking with their fans and choosing new positions in their team before Eunkwang’s military enlistment.

On August 13 at 9 p.m. KST, BTOB held a V Live broadcast titled, “BTOB’s Real Chit Chat Eating Party (Last Broadcast Before Leader Leaves).”

The members began by introducing themselves. Eunkwang stood up to greet the fans and said, “I’m BTOB’s leader Eunkwang. I won’t cry today.”

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Sources: Soompi via Naver, @btob_silver_light, @Btob_Mel

You can watch the entire vlive subbed here. Thoughts on the position "changes"?