August 14th, 2018

Disgraced Governor Ahn Hee-Jung Found Not Guilty For Sexual Assault

A Seoul court acquitted former Gov. An Hee-jung on charges of sexual offenses against his secretary, Tuesday.

Former South Chungcheong Province Gov. An was indicted in April on multiple charges, including several accounts of sexual intercourse by abuse of occupational authority against his former secretary, Kim Ji-eun.

Prosecutors had requested a four-year prison term and therapy for An.

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Giving the suspect therapy my butt, but i do want to thank kim jieun and the second victim for coming forward and telling their stories. as a sexual assault victim myself, i know how challenging it can be to open up about it and i'm proud that they shared their stories, despite not getting the justice they truly deserve.

Source: Korea Herald
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LOOΠΔ Megapost: "+ +" debut album details & individual teasers

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sources: @loonatheworld, taylor_kpop @ Reddit, olympicmew @ Reddit

Omona, are you hyped for the real debut of this two-year-long project? I'm surprised I'm the only one making these posts lol (also sorry for the error mods!!)

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