September 19th, 2018


Goo Hara apologizes, says she wants to stop fighting with her ex regarding assault case

On September 19, Goo Hara spoke to Korean media outlet EDaily and said she wants to stop the battle with her boyfriend.

She began, I want to sincerely apologize to the fans and the public for causing a disturbance during the last couple days. I want to put an end to this disturbance that has gotten out of hand.”

About her boyfriend “A,” Goo Hara explained, “We were maintaining a healthy, beautiful relationship. We sometimes had arguments or conflicts, but it was no different than any other couple. Then one day, we were unable to resolve a small misunderstanding and our fight became bigger.”

She continued, “Now that it’s become a situation where the public and media are watching, the two of us are engaging in a childlike ugly war of attrition and a messy fight. The thing about an argument is we are both at fault. It can’t be just one side’s fault.

She added, I want to forgive someone that I once loved and I also want to be forgiven. I hope that this skillful, respectable person will overcome this incident and find a bright future.”

She concluded, “Instead of continuing this fight through things like interviews and disappointing fans, I will wait for the results of the police investigation. I’m sincerely sorry. I once again bow my head and apologize to the fans and the public.”

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sources: dispatchsns, soompi, naver 1, 2
Irene monster

Hello Counselor Episode 384 (with GOT7 Jinyoung & JB, Cheetah, Moon Se Yoon, Kim Sung Eun)

(click the screencap to watch the episode)

OP's note: the episode deals with topics that might be sensitive to some viewers (idk putting that out there just to be safe)

  • In the beginning JJP dance to Lullaby and do push-ups

  • Story 1 (4:55): 13yo daughter worries about his dad drinking excessively and it causing problems in the family

  • Story 2 (33:00): single dad taking care of his two daughters, but faces problems with public attitude and misunderstandings

  • Story 3 (59:25): big sister worried of her little sister's dream of being a choreographer (this is the most lighthearted part and you get more JJP bc of the topic)

Sources: kshow123 / gif

God I forgot how infuriating this show could be.
[OP´s thoughts under cut]The drinking dad made my blood boil right from the moment he opened his mouth, I commend JJP for keeping their cool bc I was livid just watching this. Also this is the first time JB's revealing that his mom divorced his biological dad and that he lives with his step dad now, and that was a shock to the whole fandom tbh. But I commend him for being so mature and calm in the situation and trying to give actual solid advice and input to these people.

The next case with the single dad was a nice palate cleanser but even there the attitudes he had to face was so frustrating to listen to.

The last story is the kind that this show suits the most imo bc it's not too serious and it actually had the most JJP which is understandable concidering the topic.

Sehun mouth

Sehun is the new global embassador for Ermenegildo Zegna!!!

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Source: @Zegna | Zegna | via @EXOGlobal

this is a HUGE deal i'm so proud of him!!!!!! supermOHdel sehun keeps prospering!!!

Sunny leaves "Video Star" due to treatments for her knee

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny will be leaving the variety talk show “Video Star.”

On September 19, MBC every1 revealed, “Sunny has stepped down from her MC position on ‘Video Star’ due to health reasons. She stepped down due to treatments for her knee.”

When asked about her replacement, the show stated, “We have not decided anything yet.”

Sunny stepping in as the new MC after Jun Hyosung resigned in April, and maintained her MC position for around five months.

sources: soompi, newsen

i wish SM would just finally let her rest and take properly care of her knee :(

YG reportedly planning new survival program for upcoming girlgroup

YG is reportedly considering its next girl group!

On September 19, a media outlet reported that YG was currently planning to launch a survival program to pick the members of the company’s next girl group, with plans to broadcast the show at the end of the year.

According to the reports, producing director (PD) Go Ik Jo, who recently transferred to YG Entertainment, will be in charge of the new survival program. He participated in Mnet’s “Show Me The Money” and “High School Rapper.”

Trainees from YG Entertainment, as well as those from Teddy’s subsidiary label, The Black Label, will reportedly appear on the show.

Later, YG Entertainment gave an official statement in response to these reports, stating, “[The program] is merely one of many we are currently drawing out. We do not have much information to announce just yet.”

Previously, YG Entertainment had stated they would announce a girl group to follow the mismanaged and constantly stuck in the dungeon BLACKPINK within the year [2018].

sources: soompi, naver, newsen