September 23rd, 2018

BTOB "BTOB Time: This Is Us" BeatCom episodes

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SOURCE: United CUBE Official YouTube

BeatCom episodes are always fun to watch. We see more goofyness from the members but I cried so much watching episode 65. Eunkwang really is a great leader and one of the key factors why BTOB is well-loved by the general public not just the young audience. With him serving his time in the military, the remaining members are able to cover Eunkwang's parts in their concerts amazingly well but you can tell they also miss their leader a lot. Do you miss BTOB-7 too, Omona?
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Taemin 'Eclipse' Japanese Album Highlight Medley


DETAILS: 6 Songs (Into The Rhythym, Eclipse, Mars, Better Man, Under My Skin, Holy Water). Eclipse seems to be the title track. Release date is September 26th.

*no word on if this is the official artwork or not.

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source: shinee_jp_official on IG 2 3 4 5

for some reason I thought this was happening like 2 months from now. New taemin music and high quality visuals this week ^_^
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180922 MBC Music Core

Winners Announcement







'I'll Love You'

Digital + Album Sales (음원 + 음반) 3245 5014 4130
MV Charts / MBC Radio Viewer Votes (동영상/MBC 라디오 시청자 위원회) 1702 1256 126
Text Votes (문자 투표) 1500 243 2
Final Total 6447 6513 4258

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sources: KBSKpop | Korean Music Shows

back to our regular scheduled Music Core programming. congrats to the queen. second last perf of Mark with Dream T_T
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GOT7 M/V Quest: 6th price (30M): "Lullaby" Dance Practice (Boyfriend Ver.)

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Source: GOT7 / carolg2419 / gif

[Previous prices]Previous:
(10M): Dance Practise Suit ver.
(15M): Jackson "My Youth" Solo Change M/V
(20M): BamBam "Sunrise" Solo Change M/V
(25M): Youngjae "Fine" Solo Change M/V
(27M): Jinyoung "Made It" M/V

The wait is over, the Boyfriend version is here! And it's as lethal as you'd expect, proceed with caution.
(the cameraman panning to JB's crotch not once but TWICE, um, rude and IKnowWhatTheFuckYou'reDoing.gif)

Support the cause by watching the MV :)
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Buzzfeed Take On Army's Shady Streaming Practices

Fans Are Spoofing Spotify With "Fake Plays," And That's A Problem For Music Charts

The spoofing could erode the veracity of widely respected Billboard chart metrics, especially since the fan campaigns appear to be getting more sophisticated.

It's a long read and easier to read over on Buzzfeed.

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source: Buzzfeed News

I get that mass streaming is considered the norm in fandom but Korean charting bodies have asked people to cut it out multiple times. To not think the same wouldn't happen stateside...I guess because it's in English fans are finally realizing? praying for the authors inbox rn because the comment section on that article is a mess.

Jeon Somi reportedly signs contract with YGE sub-label The Black Label

Jeon Somi may have found her new agency!

On September 23, Sports Chosun exclusively reported that Jeon Somi has signed a contract with The Black Label.

The Black Label is a subsidiary label of YG Entertainment headed by Teddy, working with artists like singer Zion.T and rapper and producer Kush. The Black Label is based in an independent space located near the YG Entertainment building, and has been receiving the full support of YG Entertainment to work with trainees and try out various music genres.

The Black Label was contacted to confirm the reports, but a source from the agency simply stated, “We are currently in the process of checking the facts.”

Jeon Somi appeared in survival programs “Sixteen” and “Produce 101,” where she won first place in the finale and made her debut in the project group I.O.I. Since then, she has been pursuing activities under JYP Entertainment, until it was announced in August that she had terminated her contract with the agency.

Sources: Naver (1, 2) via Soompi

So it looks like nothing has been confirmed yet but thoughts, Omona?