September 25th, 2018

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✨ An Incomplete Guide to Nugu Girl Groups (Part 1) ✨

For every girl group that's fortunate enough to come from a well-funded, recognizable company and step into the spotlight, there are dozens more waiting in the shadows for their chance to shine. This is a primer (of sorts) on ten of the more recently active nugu girl groups that you might want to check out. This may be the first in a neverending series, as new girl groups continue to pop up out of nowhere every week.
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NCT Recording Diary - NCT127 Gears Up For New Album & US TV Debut

subs available on video! Yuta also mentions they're doing an english version of the title track. ^_^

NCT127 will be making their US TV Debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live on October 8th.
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source: SMTOWN | @NCTsmtown_127

the amount of whining people are doing about this JKL taping oof. anyway damn that slowjam clip they're recording in the diary sounds good.
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Source: rachel s / fendimanjiaer

Jackson Wang of GOT7 fame came back to visit his alma mater, American International School of Hong Kong on the 18th of August, 2018.
Our student filmmaker, Rachel S. explores Jackson's history during his time at AIS in this short documentary.

This is actually a really interesting documentary and provides some insight into Jackson's background and what kind of person he was before kpop (while it is also clearly a promotional documentary for the school as well), through the eyes of the people around him, such as former teachers, and Jackson himself.

Also is OP completely blind or is the clip from the tweet really from the documentary bc I can't seem to remember hearing it there asdfghj I'm tired ok so I put he tweet there just in case
Bae of all baes Matsumoto Jun.

iKON's Junhoe apologises for IG post and comments to fans

iKON’s Junhoe has apologized for posting about a certain movie director and talking in a casual manner with fans.

On September 25, iKON’s Junhoe apologized on his Instagram, posting, “I’m sorry, he was an actor I liked, so I didn’t know of any other information. Because my fans are like my friends, I didn’t realize talking comfortably would become like this. I’m truly sorry. In the future, I’ll become a Junhoe that speaks carefully. I’m sorry for causing concerns.”

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Sources: Naver (via Soompi), Junhoe's Instagram

South Korea To Review Banning English Education For Preschoolers

Nine months after proposing a ban on English classes in kindergartens, the government is set to review related policies next month, as parents have complained that the move will only widen the education gap in a market led by pricey private pre-schools that teach in English.

Last year, the Education Ministry forbid public elementary schools from teaching English to first and second graders during affordable after-school classes.

The action was based on a special law on normalizing public education and prohibiting teaching ahead of the regular public curriculum. Under the government-set curriculum, English is taught from third grade.

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Source: Korea Herald