October 4th, 2018



EXO is making their long-awaited comeback with all nine members!

On October 4, SM Entertainment confirmed fans’ speculations that EXO’s fifth studio album will be released on November 2. The album will be titled “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,” and pre-orders are set to open today.

The agency also excitingly announced that member Lay recorded for the Chinese version of their new release and also filmed for the music video. Lay will also be making his solo U.S. debut on October 19 with his third solo album “NAMANANA.”

“Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” will be EXO’s first domestic release since their winter special album “Universe” in December 2017, but first promoted album since “The War: The Power of Music” in September 2017.

Sources: soompi, naver

NS Yoon-G to officially debut as an actress

On October 4, it was reported that singer NS Yoon-G has confirmed to appear in the upcoming SBS drama “Dignity of an Empress” (literal translation). By joining this drama, NS Yoon-G will begin her official activities as an actress under her real name, Kim Yoon-Ji.

The upcoming drama “Dignity of an Empress” will also star Jang Na-Ra. It is set in an alternate reality, where South Korea is still under the constitutional monarchy. A musical actress named Oh Sunny (Jang Na-Ra) becomes an overnight Cinderella when she marries into the imperial family. However, she manages to fight against those in power in order to find her true love.

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And Jang Nara to star? I'm sold!

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily

The Return of Superman Ep 243

This is the episiode that aired on 2018.09.23. Sian and his sisters go climbing and then he has an encounter with an alien. William and Ben tour their neighborhood and then get pedicures. Then Ben chows down...on everything lol. Naeun and her family go to visit the grandparents in the country. On the way we get a "What's in my bag" video lol. Siha's mom goes back to work for the first time after giving birth. Taegyu is so thoughtful and supportive! I totally cried when he said "I was worried that her light may fade unintentionally because of me and our life. I want to protect her shining self no matter what." Please have more babies because Siha has such a sweet and gentle soul.

source: KBS World TV

Yuri wants to be rediscovered as soloist 11 yrs after debut


After 11 years at the forefront of the K-pop scene as a member of girl band Girls' Generation, Yuri released her first solo album on Thursday, finally making her teenage dream come true.

"Today is the first day of accomplishing my dream. Since the time I was a trainee, I dreamed of issuing an album tinged with my own colors," Yuri said in a media event showcasing her solo debut album, "The First Scene."

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source: Yonhap News

Dreamcatcher's Official Japanese Debut Announcement

K-POP Girl Group Dreamcatcher which has been attracting attention worldwide with its metal rock sound and overwhelming performance, will make its official debut in Japan on the 21st of November (Wednesday) with ‘What-Japanese ver.-‘. In addition, local events have been decided to celebrate this.

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Source: Official Daum 7Dreamers
you can pre-order @ yesasia, cdjapan and amazon.co.jp

MADTOWN's Lee Geon To Return As Solo Artist With New Agency

On October 4, Lee Geon’s new agency Soribada stated, “We’ve signed an exclusive contract with Lee Geon. Lee Geon will show off the unique colors he wasn’t able to during his idol group activities, and we won’t hold back in giving our wholehearted support so he succeeds as a solo artist.”

Lee Geon stated, “Thank you to the fans who waited for a long period during these hard times. I’ll pay them back with good music.”

The singer debuted in 2014 as the main singer of MADTOWN, and after being on hiatus due to legal disputes, appeared in KBS2’s “The Unit” in January.

Source: Soompi, Naver via Soompi

Solo Yuri Roundup: Lil' Touch was originally for her, members show support on Insta

On October 4, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri held a showcase in Seoul for her solo mini album “The First Scene” and talked about making her debut as a solo artist, along with the support she received from her members.

During the event, Yuri introduced herself by saying, “It’s been 12 years since my debut, but I am rookie solo singer Yuri.” When asked about her somewhat late solo debut, she replied, “I was able to release my solo work 11 years into my debut, and it was something I thought about since I was a trainee. I think that similarly to flowers, everyone has their own timing. I think this moment is that right timing for me. Before that, because I was acting and doing other things I liked, carrying things out simultaneously would’ve been hard with my schedule.” She then expressed that she felt it was the optimal time for her to make her solo debut.
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she will perform both "into you" and "illusion" on music core this week! 👏🏻

Park Bom to make special appearance on Seungri's upcoming YG sitcom

Park Bom will make a special appearance on “YG Future Strategy.”

Netflix revealed on October 4 that Park Bom recently filmed an episode of “YG Future Strategy.” “She already finished filming, and she is one of the many special guests that we will have on the show.”

“YG Future Strategy Office” will be her comeback to the small screen after 5 years. She is currently signed under a different agency and is planning a solo comeback. The reason behind her special appearance is her ties with YG Entertainment working as a member of 2NE1 in the past.

The mockumentary sitcom stars BIGBANG’s Seungri as a highly ambitious employee who ends up being relegated to the YG Future Strategy Office, a powerless department staffed by the company’s outsiders. Seungri will try his best for the revival of YG Entertainment in order to return to the arms of the CEO. The show is directed by PD Park Joon Soo who produced Mnet’s music variety show “The God of Music,” and mockumentary “UV Syndrome.”

“YG Future Strategy Office” will be released on October 5 though Netflix.

Source: Naver via Soompi

I hope she gives one big middle finger to YG in this special appearance, no matter how short it may be.

YG clarifies reports on new hip-hop program with Mino and Zion.T

YG Entertainment has given an official statement following reports of a new audition program that will feature WINNER’s Song Mino and Zion.T.

On October 4, media outlet News1 reported that WINNER’s Song Mino and Zion.T would appear in YG Entertainment’s new hip hop variety program led by producing director (PD) Han Dong Chul.

According to the report, YG was in the midst of planning for the show to premiere by the end of the year with Han Dong Chul, who led “MIXNINE” after joining YG Entertainment in 2017. The report also stated that Han Dong Chul was looking to cast other distinguished rappers as well.

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Source: Naver (1, 2, 3) via Soompi

So how many survival and hip-hop shows do you think YG's going to (re)produce, Omona?

JBJ95 reveals date for official debut as permanent duo

On October 4, Star Road Entertainment revealed, “It is true that JBJ95 will be debuting in the last week of [October]. Both members are working hard to showcase a good image.”

According to the duo, the name JBJ95 was chosen from ideas submitted by fans, and they explained that “JBJ” shows that they haven’t forgotten their roots or lost their original intentions, while “95” is because they were both born in 1995.

Kenta and Kim Sang Gyun previously gained popularity through Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” and, following the show’s conclusion, promoted with temporary project group JBJ.

JBJ95 are currently wrapping up their work ahead of their debut. They previously launched their official social media accounts.

Source: News Pim via Soompi

Lee Hongki 2nd Mini Album [DO n DO] Track List

SOURCE: FNC Official Twitter

Title Track: COOKIES (featuring Jung Ilhoon of BTOB)
Composer: Lee Hongki, Jung Ilhoon, IL
Lyrics: Lee Hongki, Jung Ilhoon
Arrangement: IL, Jung Ilhoon

Sweeeeeeet! Finally, Hongki releases a collaboration with his music-making friends that includes BTOB Ilhoon! Excited to see these idols from different generations collaborating.
min yoongi


On September 22, YG Entertainment and YGX, its subsidiary company, announced their new dance academy, X Academy, which will be opening in October near Hongik University in Seoul. Trainers will include vocal trainers and YG-affiliated dancers like the dance teams HITECH and CRAZY. Classes will be available for all skill levels. Students of X Academy will have exclusive audition opportunities to become a member of a YG-affiliated dance team, or indeed a trainee under YG, YGX or The Black Label.

Three teaser dance clips have since been released, featuring Lee Seunghoon of Winner, DK of Ikon, and Lisa of Blackpink.

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Sources: X ACADEMY 1 2 3 | koreaboo | @X_ACADEMY_KR | naver via soompi | ygx.co.kr

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