October 7th, 2018

d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

REAL MEN 300 - EP 1-3 Discussion


300 Warriors NCO special:
the first segment of this season features show the evaluation process and final evaluations for cadets looking to become non-commissioned officer and part of the elite'300 Warriors'.

CAST: Blackpink's Lisa, Pentagon's Hongseok, Olympian Victor Ahn, Somi's Father, Kim Ho-young, Kang Ji-hwan, Kim Jae-hwa, Oh Yoon-ah, Shin Ji, Lee Yu-bi


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source: Kshow123 | Wikipedia | Soompi

anyone else watching? the egos on somis dad some of these dudes...poor lisa looks so scared throughout but the chicken peeps killed me
lottie ♡ issue n°7
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MONSTA X drops schedule for TAKE.1

mbbs, do you think take.1 refers to this comeback also having a repack? here for it if it means mx will stay in korea for more than 3 weeks at a time, tbh! mx have also been dropping supposed spoilers in their v lives after their jpn concerts: yesterday jooheon said zombies and today minhyuk whispered dracula to kihyun, mentioned snow white and michael jackson. so we'll see? lmao


Yeeun cleared of fraud charges in incident involving her father

Yeeun has been cleared of fraud charges.

In September, the former Wonder Girls member was sued for fraud with her father Park Young Gyun. Yeeun denied involvement and opened up about the situation in an interview.

According to the Suseo Police Station on October 7, Yeeun and Park Young Gyun have completed investigation for fraud charges. As a result, only Park Young Gyun was forwarded to the prosecution with suggestion for indictment.

Yeeun has been acquitted of charges by the police as she was found to have not participated in fraudulent activities with Park Young Gyun and has not received any investment money.

Source: Naver via Soompi

BTS shares their thoughts as they become 1st Korean artist to hold US stadium concert

Ahead of their historic concert at Citi Field in New York, the members of BTS took a moment to share their thoughts and express their gratitude to their fans.

As of October 6 local time, BTS has become the only Korean artist in history to ever hold a solo concert at a stadium in the United States. As the group prepared to perform for tens of thousands of fans, all seven members agreed that the event was a momentous honor and a night that would remain in their memory for a long time to come.

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Sources: Nate via Soompi, BTS_twt on Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

So proud of these boys T_T Jimin also cried at the concert kdfbsddjsf but it looks like they all had fun! Can't wait 'til they confirm they're coming to my country too lol
Seo In Guk
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Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend says he didn't intend revenge porn, wants a settlement

Koo Hara has recently accused her ex-boyfriend of threatening her with a sex tape, which has led to numerous netizens to support Blue House petitions asking for stricter punishment on such instances of “revenge porn”.

Her ex-boyfriend has since spoken out, stating that although the existence of the video is true, he did not take the lead in filming it nor did he reveal it to the public.

“It is true that the video exists. But Koo Hara was the one who led the filming of the video and I did not release the video after it was filmed. I hope that people would not see it as revenge porn.” ㅡ Koo Hara’s Ex-Boyfriend

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Source: newsis via koreaboo

He's also been fired from his job and caught liking a hate comment on Hara.
Woozi laughing but not
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Tiffany will walk the American Music Awards (AMA) 2018 red carpet

source: @Jeff__Benjamin
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Final SM Station '0' Revealed: Wendy x John Legend

"Written In The Stars" - October 19th Release

source: @RVsmtown

was expecting a non-SM artist but wasn't expecting this.
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NCT127 To Premiere Eng. Vers of Regular Tomorrow on Beats 1

WORLD RECORD refers to the name of the show Zane Lowe hosts and NOT that it's a world record of some kind, as some fans have interpreted it. 9AM PST/12PM EST

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