October 9th, 2018

Woozi laughing but not
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Jackson will sit out fansign because of health concern

On October 9, JYP Entertainment revealed through an official statement, “Jackson will not attend [GOT7’s] fan signing on October 9, 2018 (Tuesday) due to health reasons.”

JYP Entertainment continues, “We decided on his absence in order to prioritize the artist’s health. We apologize and ask for the understanding of fans who were anticipating this schedule.”

“If there are additional schedule changes, we will notify fans through future announcements. We will do our best for his recovery so that he can greet fans in good health. Thank you,” the statement concludes.

Source: @soompi, fans.jype via soompi
Woozi laughing but not
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Yonghwa cleared of all charges in preferential admission case

FNC Entertainment made an official statement clarifying that Jung Yong Hwa had already been cleared of all charges earlier this summer.

The agency wrote, “Hello, this is FNC Entertainment. We are relaying news about our artist Jung Yong Hwa’s admission to his graduate school’s doctoral program.

“At the beginning of this year, Jung Yong Hwa diligently cooperated with prosecutorial investigations. The result [of those investigations] was that the prosecutor ultimately determined that Jung Yong Hwa was not guilty of obstruction of business in regards to his school admissions, and in July, the prosecutor decided not to indict him.

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monsta x's TAKE.1: shownu, wonho + jooheon teasers

( *click* for hqs )

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📸 inside photos: minhyuk & kihyun / shownu & wonho & jooheon
🎛 miscellaneous: coming soon / schedule

BEAUTIFULLLL!!! shownu looks amazing; these are probably some of my fave teasers of his, ever, behind only by the shine forever ones tbh. i still don't love the styling / vibe of the white teasers but the group one is wicked nice, aaah

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KHAN 'Happy Now' Dance Cover

i havent been on omona for a while so i'm not sure if their other covers got posted but they did a cover of bol4's travel a while back which is the best thing ever. I also really like this one too - wish they sang too but the tutting was really cool! Glad they've been still constantly releasing things since it's been a while since their debut song and its reminding me of the time after the ark was on hiatus before disbanding :(

Source: KHAN youtube
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GOT7 M/V Quest: 8th price (40M): JB "Party" Solo Change M/V

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🌚 Noisy7 on LieV 🌝

(click the screencap to watch the show)

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Some timestamps:

4:25 they introduce themselves "like it's the most exciting thing in the world" and this LieV stops being anything but calm from here on forward lol
9:45 they talk about their wins and the album + Lullaby
23:30 "what's the most memorable gift you received?"
37:00 game segment: "a present you want to give to your fellow members" and each one picks either a best or worst suggestion and the one with the lowest score does a punishment at the end
1:07:40 they try doing an ASMR segment but what's the point when right afterward they finish of with the most chaotic (rock'n'roll?) version of Lullaby you've ever heard

I was literally laughing throughout this whole video, how is this supposed to be calming?? It's the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a while, but in the best way possible. Don't watch if you're trying to sleep but do watch for a good laugh.

d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

DANCING HIGH: EP 1-5 Discussion


It’s a dance battle for teens, by teens. The best teenagers from all over the country gather together to decide who is the best dancer of them all. Dancing High is not your average audition program. It is a battle of skills and style. Through various dance battles, these teenagers will prove to the country that they are the best dancers in Korea. With the help of Korea’s top dancers, these teens will grow and improve right in front of your eyes. Top idol dancers, Lee Seung Hoon of Winner, Lee Ho Won, and Lee Gi Kwang of Highlight, JYP choreographer, Lia Kim, and dance team, Just Jerk, come together as mentors to the nation’s best teen dancers. With Jung Hyung Don as the MC, stay tuned to watch and be awed by the beautiful performances by these young dancers

The team captains dance with their teams for some challenges too!

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source: KSHOW123 | KBSKpop 1 2 3 4| KOCOWA TV 1

NCT Jisung is a contestant on Hoya's team, which is why they're tagged. These kids are so talented!