October 10th, 2018

Woozi laughing but not
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Epik High signs to Eddie Nam's (Eric Nam's brother) agency for international activities

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RM's English is criticized by The Times, article also questions their masculinity

London’s The Times newspaper reported on BTS's arrival in London for two shows on October 9 and 10 and criticised the English-language skills of RM.

The article said RM’s use of English language was characterised by “his occasionally baffling syntax gives the impression he is channelling Joey rather than Chandler”. The article was referring to two Friends characters: the dim-witted Joey Tribbiani and the intelligent Chandler Bing.

The article also questioned the band members’ masculinity – “When the boys dance in their T-shirts, there is never a glimpse of abs; there are leather trousers but no crotch-grabbing or pelvis-grinding” – and asked why they weren’t in relationships with women despite being megastars.

Source: @israat_chan, scmp

Great journalism.../s
Woozi laughing but not
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TWICE's 2nd Japanese album 'BDZ' receives RIAJ Platinum certification

According to the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), TWICE's Japanese album BDZ has earned a platinum certifcation. The certification requires an album have sold at least 250,000 copies*. This is the girl group's sixth time receiving the award with #TWICE, One More Time, and Candy Pop each earning one platinum certification, and Wake Me Up earning two.

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d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

“100 Days My Prince” Sets New Record for tvN


“100 Days My Prince” Sets New Record for tvN

tvN’s “100 Days My Prince” impressively surpassed 10 percent in viewership ratings. Although the manner in which ratings for public broadcasting and cable programs are calculated slightly differ, the show maintained its position as the No. 1 drama in its time slot across all public and paid networks.

Its October 9 broadcast achieved an average of 10.3 percent and peak ratings of 11.4 percent across all paid platforms (cable, satellite, IPTV), and set a new personal best record. This is also a new record for the best ratings achieved by a tvN Monday-Tuesday drama, beating the previous record of 9.9 percent viewership set by “Another Oh Hae Young.”

Notably, the cast of “100 Days My Prince” previously stated in a V Live broadcast that they would all dance together if they surpassed 10 percent in viewership ratings.

“100 Days My Prince” also received an average of 5.8 percent and a peak of 6.3 percent in tvN’s target audience of men and women in their 20s to 40s as well.

For the rest of monday-tues ratings >> https://www.soompi.com/article/1243023wpp/100-days-prince-sets-new-record-tvn-ratings-stars-land-monday-tuesday-dramas

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source: excerpt Soompi | naver via @theseoulstory

as expected from exo's best actor. anyone watching? planning on starting this weekend!
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monsta x's TAKE.1: hyungwon + i.m's & group teasers

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hyungwon has the best teasers out of everyone—which, lbr, should be expected of mx's model. i wish changkyun's styling were more OUT THERE esp. since i feel like they aren't varied much at all... the black version of the group teaser is my fave released out of this whole teaser cycle, tho


"Monthly Idol" game hot among K-pop stars

"Monthly Idol," an idol-fostering mobile game, has been attracting a growing number of players, including real K-pop stars Ilhoon from BTOB and Eunsu from MYTEEN.

In the game, the players are CEOs of an idol agency who can make their own K-pop groups from 150 idol trainees. The game is designed to reflect the reality of the show business world by dealing with contracts, streaming, world tours and even the dating issues of idol group members.

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source: The Korea Times

Solji confirmed as vocal director and mentor on "Under 19"


On October 10, MBC’s “Under 19” announced the joining of EXID member Solji as one of the mentors. The source said, “power vocalist Solji has confirmed to join “Under 19″ as its vocal director. Please look forward to her sharing her experience as an idol group’s main vocalist, her chemistry with Crush, as well as her directing towards the contestants.”

In response, Solji also briefly shared about her excitement to be a part of the program. The singer said, “I’m glad to have gained the opportunity to be a part of “Under 19″ as its vocal director. I’m mostly glad that I am able to provide help to those who are about to take their first steps as an idol. Moreover, I want to cooperate with other directors in order to make the best team out there. We have a lot of contestants with a promising future, so please look forward to the program.”

At last, Solji will be partnering up with Crush, who was selected as the male vocal trainer. Joining Solji and Crush are Super Junior’s Eunhyuk as the performance director, as well as Dynamic Duo as the rap directors. “Under 19” aims to premiere on the first week of November.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily

Petition demanding BTS’ disbandment filed to Blue House

Over 3,000 Koreans have signed a petition calling for the disbandment of boy band BTS on Cheong Wa Dae’s official online petition platform.

The petition posted on Sept. 25 calls for the band’s disbandment on the grounds that the band members are “haughty.”

“What have they done to merit military service exemption?” reads the post, expressing discontent over a military service exemption debate sparked by a lawmaker in July.

The presidential office is required to issue an official statement for petitions with over 200,000 signatures.

In response, fans of the boy band have initiated petitions “against the disbandment of BTS” on the website.

Source: The Korea Herald


TVXQ, SHINee, BTS & Monsta X receive RIAJ Gold certifications

On October 10, the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) released the certifications for the month of September 2018. In addition to TWICE’s new album being certified platinum, releases by TVXQ, SHINee, BTS, and MONSTA X were certified gold.

Artists achieve gold certifications if the cumulative net shipments for their albums or singles surpass 100,000.

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Source: RIAJ via Soompi