October 12th, 2018


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NCT127 - Regular-Irregular: Album Listening Post & First Stages

Tracklist Timestamps:
00:00 City 127
03:19 Regular (kor. version) [TITLE TRACK]
06:57 Replay (PM 01:27)
10:37 Knock On
14:04 No Longer
19:02 Interlude: Regular to Irregular
22:13 My Van
25:40 Come Back (THIS SONG IS SO GOOD)
29:06 Fly Away With Me 32:39 Regular (eng. version) [TITLE TRACK]
36:19 Run Back 2 U (Bonus Track)

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sources: KPOP Audios | KBSKpop 1 2

what's everyone think?

Rapper Dok2 lost his dog through a medical accident


On October 12th, Dok2 shared the tragic news on his Instagram story.

With a photo of his dog’s funeral, Dok2 wrote, “Gurum, who was 9 years old, passed away because of a medical accident. While Gurum was being hospitalized after a hip joint surgery, the doctor went through another surgery without my permission after his work hours. He said he was ‘not satisfied with the first surgery’s result’. He gave Gurum, who was only recovering from the surgery, another general anesthesia. After going through another surgery, Gurum passed away.”

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wtf, I hope he'll take legal action against that doctor.

source: KPopLove via isplus

Rapper BewhY confirms to appear in the upcoming hip hop survival show “Kill Bill”

On October 12, reports stated that rapper BewhY has confirmed to appear in MBC’s new hip hop survival show “Kill Bill” scheduled to premiere in January, next year.

The program invites a total of seven artist to compete against one another to see who scores more in the music charts, such as Melon and Genie. At the end of the contest, the final winner will gain the opportunity to collaborate with a global artist in hopes to taking over Billboard. Previously, rapper Dok2 confirmed to appear in the program.

BewhY gained the recognition from the public when he won Mnet’s hip hop program “Show Me the Money 5” in 2016.

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source: KPopLove via Osen

Ha Ji-won drops out of new TV series "Prometheus"

Actor Ha Ji-won won't appear in the new television series "Prometheus" due to a scheduling conflict, her agency, Haewadal Entertainment, said Thursday.

In July, she was cast in the drama, which is set to premiere later this year, as the lead character, Chae Eun-seo, an intelligence officer tasked with a secret mission related to North Korea's denuclearization.

The fictional spy story revolves around a mysterious case in which North Korean scientists working overseas have gone missing on their return to the North. The story idea was partly inspired by the recent detente between North Korea and the United States and the North's promise to denuclearize.

The character is said to have been specifically created for the actor, so her decision to withdraw will have a negative impact on the production.

According to other articles, they would have started shooting in September. And MBC put a lot of money into this drama (about $27 million), wouldn't they have figured out the scheduling and all the details already? Like, even before they announced the casting?

source: Yonhap News

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! Hope you guys are had a good day. Mine sucked lol, but I bought half a dozen donuts and a whole pie so hopefully things will look up. Anywhos, every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. Today let’s see who was on top for the 2nd week in October, 2009.

#3 MC Mong featuring Ivy “I Am”
This was one of the songs from his last full album before the hiatus. I don’t remember this single at all, but the video looks familiar. Although I could be confusing it with another one of his music videos. Ivy looks and sounds great.

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