October 15th, 2018

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181014 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Im Chang Jung

'There Has Never Been A Day I Haven't Loved You'




'Goodbye Road'

Album Sales (음반) 22 3 500
SNS 654 640 3500
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 19 36 110
ON-AIR 334 223 389
Digital Sales (음원) 5411 3487 4454
Final Total 6440 4389 8953

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sources: SBS Inkigayo, Korean Music Shows, Skpb K-Music Live [VOD]

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Welcome back MC Mingyu ~
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H.O.T. held their first concert in 17 years

H.O.T. kept their promise with their fans and performed on stage at their first concert in 17 years.

On October 13, about 40,000 fans filled the Seoul Olympic Stadium for H.O.T.’s solo concert titled, “2018 Forever (High-Five Of Teenagers).” The concert was held after the group got together to perform on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” in February.

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Source: @soompi, naver via soompi
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Project Group RAINZ conclude activities, Ju Wontak to debut as solo artist

On October 15, it was announced via their official fan cafe, “After about one year of activities following the first album in October 2017, project group RAINZ will indefinitely conclude promotions with Japanese activities on October 28, 2018.”

The announcement continues, “After debuting in October last year, RAINZ promoted actively thanks to the support of many fans with a total of four mini albums in Korea and Japan. Through the valuable opportunity made by fans, all the RAINZ members were able to fulfill their dreams and were able to work hard on promotions with the support and encouragement.”

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Source: @soompi, rainzofficial via soompi, naver via @balloon_wanted

Will you miss Rainz?
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HOTSHOT gearing up for a comeback in November

Noh Tae Hyun and Go Hojung will both join the group.

Source: osen via @balloon_wanted
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Sam Kim - Sun and Moon Part 1 | Track List; Title song featuring Crush

Sam Kim wrote all three tracks and his title song will be a collab with Crush, with whom he already collaborated for his debut banger No Sense.

Source: @antennamusic
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LOONA has surpassed 50K physical sales of debut album '++'

LOONA's company Blockberry Creative stated on October 15th that LOONA's debut album '+ +' has surpassed 50,000 sales (T/N: refers to Gaon sales, which were at 47k by the end of September. Hanteo sales are around 25k) and additional albums will be manufactured.

This is the highest amount of sales for any girl group that debuted in 2018. The group also impressed by selling out 3,000 seats to their debut concert at Olympic Park in Seoul.

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Dua Lipa promotes her collab with Blackpink

"I've got this song coming out with this amazing all-girl Korean pop group called Blackpink. And they are amazing. Yeah, they are huge. And it comes out on October 19th and the song is called 'Kiss & Makeup'. And it's a song I wrote a year ago, but I wanted to do a collaboration with someone, I just didn't find the right home for it. And I recently met the girls in Seoul and I was just like Oh my god, would it be crazy if I just send them a song to see if they liked it and if they wanted to sing on it. And that's what I did and they were really quick with their response, they were like Yeah, let's do it! and they just quickly went and recorded it and changed some of the lyrics to Korean and that was really it."

Source: @intoblackpivk
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An account from a potential investor who visited Cube Entertainment recently

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Source: theqoo via @Meltagon_10 1 2 3, daebakkpop

Very interesting read with quite frank answers and numbers! CUBE's Youtube revenue from 2017 was over 4 Mio USD. Streaming income is divided 60% agency (~ 44% for CUBE, 10% royalties, 6% performers) and 40% music site services. BTOB have increased income distribution after renewal. CEO Shin is in charge of management while President Hong is still in charge of production aspect and has the final say on title tracks. CUBE plans to debut a boygroup with Kuan Lin and Seonho next year.
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IU's contract renewal conditions revealed: All staff will stay and get a raise

On Oct. 10th, the YouTube channel “K STAR Live Star News” introduced a series of IU-related facts. This channel revealed that IU said to her current company, “If you want to renew the contract, I want to take all the staff, who I consider as family members, with me” and asked the company to give them all a raise.

“They appreciate her request for their salary raise, but we think it must have been very touching to them as she expressed that she trusts them and wants to go with them to the end,” the channel added, “That’s why the staff call IU their ‘president’.”

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Source: Dispatch via kbizoom, mnews.joins
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“YG Future Strategy Office” Under Fire For Scenes Of Racism And Sexual Harrassment

Netflix sitcom “YG Future Strategy Office” is being criticized for scenes that employ racism and sexual harassment for humor.

On October 11, Chinese entertainment news outlet Sina reported that the sitcom incorrectly uses a map of China and has scenes that belittle the country. Angered by this, Chinese fans have been voicing their opinions on Yang Hyun Suk’s Instagram account.

Moreover, during one scene, the southeast coast of China was erased from the map, while in another, a Korean security guard dressed in traditional Qing Dynasty clothing shouts “I’m a pig” in Chinese after being captured.

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Source: XSports News|MailKyongjae|OhMyNews via soompi, fromyg

This thing really blew up in China...

"Under 19" confirms air date + SM choreographer to join

On October 15, a source from “Under 19” stated, “‘Under 19’ will be airing its first episode on November 3 at 6:25 p.m. KST. The director line-up has been completed with the addition of SM choreographer and Black Beat member Hwang Sang Hoon as a performance director.”

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Source: iMBC via Soompi
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Shawols upset after The Rose uses photos taken from Jonghyun's IG for their new MV

The indie rock-band "The Rose" recently released a music video for their new song "She's In The Rain".
Natalie Morin writes that the song is a "beautiful serenade for lonely hearts" that "reminds listeners that they are never truly alone".
However, Shawols worldwide noticed that in a scene in the music video the polariod pictures that are hung from the room are actually pictures taken from Jonghyun's instagram.

Twitter user view_0525 shows in a tweet that (at least) a total of 12 of Jonghyun's pictures were used.

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Shawols around the world are now trending the hashtag #더로즈_해명해 (The Rose, explain) in hopes of getting an explanation of why Jonghyun's pictures were used and if they have been allowed to use them. The hashtag is now trending in Korea.

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Source: Earmilk, Stone Music Entertainment, view_0525

OP comment: I saw comments about this a while ago and it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth to use his pictures in a music video for a song about feeling lonely? And if it had been some kind of honoring wouldn't they have announced it?

New Idol Group with Former Girl’s Day Member to Debut

On October 5, the entertainment agency VINE officially revealed the individual posters of S#aFLA, hinting the imminent debut of the 4-member girl group.

The released posters feature the four members of S#aFLA, namely Yoojin, Seulgi, Soohyun, and Jisun. Even before the debut, the group is drawing attention with their abilities in both singing and performing.

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That's an interesting group name. Jisun debuted with Girl's Day back in 2010 and left the group after 2 months.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily

Zion.T talks about working with Red Velvet’s Seulgi

On October 15, Zion.T held a showcase to celebrate the release of his new EP album “ZZZ” at the Jayla Art Hall in Seoul. The singer opened the event by performing his newest title track “Hello Tutorial,” which featured Seulgi from Red Velvet.

The audience took it by surprise when Seulgi actually showed up to perform the track herself. At the end of the performance, the Red Velvet memebr said, “it was an honor to participate in Zion.T’s new album. I hope this was an opportunity that opened a door for us to work together again in the future.”

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source: KPopLove via Osen
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Park Jimin & GOT7 Youngaje sing "I'm All Ears" for youth suicide prevention campaign

from Soompi:

Released on October 15, “I’m All Ears” is a mid-tempo ballad track for the Life Insurance Social Responsibility Foundation’s youth suicide prevention campaign. This is the second song for the campaign, with the previous one being released by Dok2 in September.

The lyrics express, “Don’t think that you are alone. You can talk to me. I’m all ears,” comforting teens who are concerned over their studies, future careers, relationships, and more but feel like they do not have someone to talk to.

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Source: 생명보험사회공헌재단 / virgoars / igot7_MarKP / fyjypnation / Soompi

d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

BoA to comeback with full album NEXT WEEK

source: @smtownglobal

i am here for this and all these comebacks. my credit card is not.