October 21st, 2018


[TW] Apparently Solar Likes To Sing A Very Disturbing Song About Murder And Cannibalism


  • Solar's name in Wheein's phone is "Strawberry Jam, come out"

  • "Strawberry Jam, come out" is a line from singer Fatdoo's "The Girlfriend Torso Murder"

  • Due to the controversial and brutal lyrics, the song was banned

  • According to Wheein, Solar is great at imitating that particular line and that's why she's saved her under "Strawberry Jam, come out"

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source: pann via pann-choa

This was posted on Pann a while ago. Recently, netizens brought it up again.

The cast of The Little Drummer is captivated by Park Chan-wook’s every word

Directing television's new John Le Carré adaptation, The Little Drummer Girl, was always going to be a challenge as the BBC strives to repeat the success of The Night Manager.

But for Park Chan-wook, there was an added hurdle: directing the cast and crew without speaking any English.

The South Korean auteur relied on an interpreter to convey his vision for the six-part drama, which begins next Sunday on BBC One. Set in the 1970s, it stars Florence Pugh as a young actress recruited by Mossad to infiltrate the PLO.

The result, according to the cast, was a resounding success, with all agreeing that the language barrier was swiftly overcome.

Park Chan-wook doesn’t speak English, although I think he understands more than he lets on," said Charles Dance, who plays a British intelligence officer. "Having a director from a totally different culture is a great idea and the fact that he doesn’t speak English is not a hindrance at all. He has a wonderful eye.”

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OP's note: Although I liked Stoker, it didn't come near The Vengeance Trilogy for me.
I'm very excited about this new project though.

On a similar note (kinda), is anyone watching Ms. Ma, Nemesis

source: telegraph
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

Big 3 Album Sales So Far This Year: Gaon and Oricon

Reddit user BanterMasterGid compiled a bunch of numbers from groups and solo-ists across all three companies and broke them down in graph form. It's a combination of korean and japanese releases.


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sources: r/kpop 1 2

the totals aren't as interesting as seeing the breakdown of artists within the companies themselves.
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BTS Jimin wears T-shirt commemorating Hiroshima atomic bombing, draws criticism in Japan

A thread on a Korean site was posted called ‘BTS who are having a controversy in Japan right now’. The thread maker brought up a t-shirt Jimin wore last year, the shirt commemorated National Liberation Day (August 15th, liberation from Japan’s colonial rule) so it has the print of the mushroom cloud from the atomic bomb and Korean people cheering with their hands up for Liberation Day.

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bucket hat

GOT7 M/V Quest: 9th price (45M): Mark "혼자(Nobody Knows)" Solo Change M/V