October 27th, 2018

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Song is called Damage

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Member teasers:
D.O | Kai | Baekhyun | Xiumin | Chanyeol

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if you've watched the leaks and want to talk about them plz use a spoiler cut!

N Dresses As Himself For Halloween

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I started following this group because Omona Starlights were being extra loud in the comments of music show posts during On and On promotions, so thank you guys ;;

Omona, have you ever done K-pop cosplay?
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

REAL MEN 300 - EP 4-5 Discussion


300 Warriors NCO special:
the first segment of this season features show the evaluation process and final evaluations for cadets looking to become non-commissioned officer and part of the elite'300 Warriors'.

CAST: Blackpink's Lisa, Pentagon's Hongseok, Olympian Victor Ahn, Somi's Father, Kim Ho-young, Kang Ji-hwan, Kim Jae-hwa, Oh Yoon-ah, Shin Ji, Lee Yu-bi


Next week is the last episode with this cast. It'll also be the intro of the next group to take on Real Men 300: NCT’s Lucas, Kim Jae Woo, Park Jae Min, MONSTA X’s Shownu, VIXX’s Ravi, Choi Yoon Young, Narsha, Kim Hee Jung, Berry Good’s Johyun, and WJSN’s Eunseo.

source: Kshow123 | Wikipedia | Soompi

the preview for what they're going to have to do in the next segment looks even more intense than this group.
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'Escape the corset': South Korean women rebel against strict beauty standards

For more than a decade, starting when she was 12, Cha would meticulously apply cosmetics, chasing the narrow definition of beauty that dominates South Korean society. In middle school, she applied foundation to lighten her skin tone, avoiding teachers who would punish her for violating school rules.

She watched YouTube make-up tutorials to hone her skills and by her early 20s would spend as much as 100,000 won (£70) a month on cosmetics. But amid a wider feminist awakening in South Korea, Cha has chosen to ditch her makeup, lipstick and dyed blonde hair.

“I felt as if I had been born again,” Cha said. “There’s only so much mental energy a person has each day, and I used to spend so much of it worrying about being ‘pretty’. Now I use that time to read books and exercise.”

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Source: The Guardian