November 3rd, 2018

MAGAZINE HO #22 'Last Night of October/Kim Shin Il'


SONAMOO's Minjae releases OST for Le Petit Prince

TS seem to have decided to put SONAMOO in the basement for the rest of the year, but thankfully some of the members still have individual schedules to help ease the pain for Solbanguls. Main vocal Minjae released a new song, part of the OST for Le Petit Prince, called "I picked up a celebrity on the street".

source: lin ortaffa / Minjae's twitter.

Honestly I really don't like the song but at this point I'll take anything over nothing. Really annoyed at TS for not allowing Sonamoo to benefit from Euijin's success on The Unit.

NCT 127 on A Song For You + singing "No Longer"

- Introducing each other's charms
- Answering which member would they introduce to their sisters (Jungwoo takes it seriously)
- Talk about Mark's tiger and NCT's hammer lightstick
- Attempts at speaking Spanish
- Taeil, Doyoung & Haechan sing "No Longer" live at 12:35!!!!

Source: KBS AS4U5

It's a shortened version of the song without Jaehyun and Jungwoo (their parts are in the 2nd verse) but finally a moment for the vocalists to shine. 👏 And now waiting for them to go to Sketchbook/Immortal Songs/Masked Singer...