November 5th, 2018

Is IZ*ONE "La Vie En Rose" made for CLC?

SOURCE: HYERL_0609 (Matt) HYERL_0609 (Matt)

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When the track list for IZ*ONE debut album came out, I commented on the post that the title song was produced by MOSPICK. MOSPICK is composed of CUBE's in-house producers. Well, they used to be but have formed an independent group and continues to work with CUBE after that. Now this video has been circulating which sounds a lot like its by CLC. Remember back in June they started teasing with roses and all? It sounds good, tbh. I wish I could hear the full version.

1theK DANCE WAR Final Round Results & Winner!

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DANCE WAR Round 1 Battle | Round 1 Results & Round 2 Battle | Round 2 Results | Round 3 Battle | Round 3 Results & Final Battle | Final Round Results

Source: 1theK YouTube, 1theK Twitter

Since everybody is revealed now, I hope it's okay that I tagged their names/groups. Do you agree with the results, Omona? Were you able to guess the contestants?

[Poll with all the revealed contestants]

Who was your favorite Dance War contestant?

Gold 73 - Kim Dong Han (formerly JBJ)
Blue 12 - VICTON's Heo Chan
Red 28 - SF9's Taeyang
Green 10 - ONF's U
Yellow 22 - BIGFLO/UNB's Euijin
Pink 02 - The Boyz's Q
Purple 23 - ASTRO's Rocky
Silver 16 - Kim Samuel