November 6th, 2018

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  • giriboy

MONSTA X will be releasing english version of “SHOOT OUT” soon!

  • Lyrics are similar to the original, with the tease being: “I'm ready for the savior / Because you cut to my heart like a razor / In the darkness, losing my way, giving my breath away”

  • Per their annoying US publicist, Eshy Gazit, it might drop on Thursday. The Billboard post doesn't include a date—as of posting—just the time (at 9AM PST).

  • idk how i feel about this, but we'll see. gun imagery in kpop already makes me uncomfortable (as an american) and i can't imagine any english lyrics to shoot out going over well, here, but i'll reserve my judgement for now. the ones we have already seem v. clunky, too

    • yuwkon

    BAP - ANNOYING (ft. Zelo)

    Source: 1theK Channel


    Okay so the title is kinda misleading. Apparently, this is a Jongup solo which only features Zelo (I slept on bap for a while then I saw this vid and it almost scared me thinking that zelo left the group). I just followed the title from the 1theK Channel. Overall, this is a cute song! JONGUP VOCALIST ARISE!

    Trash!CEO's Building Makes Locals Angry

    YG Entertainment’s new headquarters building, which is under construction in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul, is generating complaints from residents living in a nearby building, who say it is blocking their sunlight.

    The nine-story YG building is about 50 meters away from and two to four floors higher than nearby residential buildings. Residents claimed the building is blocking the sunlight for the apartment complex in question, but Mapo-gu District Office said the new building does not violate regulations set out in the Building Act set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

    The Building Act requires buildings to be built a certain distance away, but this regulation only applies when an existing building is built to the north of the new structure. The new YG building is built to the east of the apartments in question.

    Local residents have held protests since Oct. 22 and put up banners in front of the YG building under construction, calling for proper measures or compensations.

    YG Entertainment reportedly checked out the protest banners but is yet to come up with a formal response to the protest.

    OP Note: As a law school graduate, I'm cackling that an issue with easements over natural light could potentially drag this scumbag into court. I hope they drag him mercilessly and cost him real cash.

    Source: The Korea Herald

    Wheesung talks about his diet obsession

    On November 5 broadcast of JTBC “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” top balladeer Wheesung appeared as a guest. During the show, the singer revealed that for the past 20 years, he has been on a diet.

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    I feel like he's been open about his appearance and weight in the past, he must know how unhealthy this is.

    source: KPopLove via Korea Daily

    JYJ’s Kim Junsu announces comeback concert

    On November 6, CJeS Entertainment reported, “Kim Junsu, who returned to the society yesterday after serving in the military for the last 21 months, has confirmed to host his comeback concert. From November 30 to December 2, the singer will be hosting “2018 WAY BACK XIA CONCERT” and greeting fans for the first time since military discharge.”

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    source: KPopLove via Korea Daily

    Lee Jong-Suk’s agency hints at legal action for detainment

    On Tuesday morning Lee Jong-suk arrived at Incheon International Airport after being held at Jakarta Airport for two days. According to an earlier report, authorities detained the actor because he did not have the necessary permit and visa to do business in the country.

    However, this was the responsibility of Yes24, the local promoter in Jakarta, who was in charge of handling all of the official paperwork and documents necessary for the event. Not only did Yes24 fail to get the proper permits and visa for Lee, but also reported to the tax office authorities that his earning were reduced, creating further discrepancy. As a result, Lee and staff had their passports withheld and were prevented from traveling back home.

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    source: KPopLove via Korea Daily

    New TV series fulfils office fantasy of reforming nasty boss

    KBS 2TV is set to introduce yet another television series based on a popular web comic, or webtoon. "Feel Good To Die" is the latest such series on the South Korean drama scene hoping to repeat the success of online comics on the small screen.

    The original comic, which was published in 2015 on the South Korean portal site Daum, was given the Comic of the Year award that year by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports, the Korean Cartoonist Association and the Korea Manhwa Contents Agency.

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    source: Yonhap News