November 11th, 2018

aoa cancelled

Former JBJ member Kim Yong Guk involved in various scandals, including dating & personal Instagram

It is being reported that Longguo and SONAMOO’s Nahyun are currently in a relationship.

On November 10, reports began to emerge that the two idols are currently dating. Along with the news reports, photos claiming to be of Longguo and Nahyun began spreading on online communities as well.

TS Entertainment has released a statement denying the dating rumors, stating “Nahyun and Longguo are close friends and often go out for meals together. However, they are not dating.”

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this all blew up within one day and there's even more, his name has been in the top 4 of naver search for the past 16 hours.

Seohyun proves that she's a dangerous woman at recent fanmeeting

Looks like the Ariana Grande song is favorite among the Soshi Girls, since both Tiffany and Jessica have covered it in the past. Now, Seohyun decided to give it a try at her fanmeeting, showing the world that she's no longer the innocent maknae.

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sources: @skullfractures, Well 'N Alive

Who is the best dangerous woman?

d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

EXO officially surpass 10 Million total albums sold

They've also surpassed 1 million albums sold for DMUMT which means they've managed to sell 1 Million for each of their 5 full albums they've released.

source: naver via Oh_mes

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181111 SBS Inkigayo

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]


Paul Kim

'Me After You'


'La Vie En Rose'

Album Sales (음반) 500 0 62
SNS 3500 228 2108
Viewers Advance Votes (시청자전투표) 0 29 500
ON-AIR 0 319 819
Digital Sales (음원) 1146 5500 1922
Final Total 5146 6076 5411

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sources: SBS Inkigayo, Korean Music Shows, K-Pop Awards

A Busker Busker moment!

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MAMA 2018 Nominees + Voting!

This year’s ceremonies will kick off at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Korea on December 10 and then continue to Japan at Saitama Super Arena on December 12. The finale on December 14 will once again be in Hong Kong at AsiaWorld-Expo Arena.

In order to be eligible, the music must have been released between October 18, 2017 and October 31, 2018. Voting began on November 1 and will end on December 9.

[Judging criteria]Artist of the Year and Artist Category Awards – 20% Mwave votes, 30% judge panel (Korean + international), 30% digital sales, 20% physical album sales
Song of the Year and Genre Category Awards – 20% Mwave votes, 40% judge panel (Korean + international), 30% digital sales, 10% physical album sales
Album of the Year – 40% judge panel (Korean + international), 60% physical album sales
Worldwide Icon of the Year – 60% Mwave votes, 20% social media votes, 20% global music video views, +10% live social media votes
Global Top 10 Fans’ Choice – 60% Mwave votes, 20% social media votes, 20% global music video views
Special Award – 30% Mwave votes, 70% judge panel (Korean + international)

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sources: soompi, mama.mwave, Mnet K-POP

Omona, who are you voting for? Are you gonna watch this MAMA marathon live?

it's tea time: 8 blind items released by newsen this year ☕️

1) A popular female idol G, who has pretty looks, dates male idols endlessly. She also dated a popular idol H. G and H broke up because H didn't focus on G and played games during their relationship. G badmouths H and calls him a "poop car". G has also dated a male idol I who is bi. I has also dated a male idol J. The female idol G and the male idol J were rivals to win I's heart. Their triangular relationship is said to be the highest level of idols' love world. (Nov 11)

2) Actor C is a "national actor" with his good-natured image. However, C is rude and violent. C is infamous for hitting both male hoobaes and female hoobaes. C and a top actress D had a physical fight of slapping each other when they were both drunk. Hoobae E used to be very close to C, but E said he will "never face sunbae C again" and rejects any project with C in it. (Nov 11)

3) Another same-company couple is coming from idols. A popular male idol who is also a scandal maker, idol E, managed to seduce his company hoobae F who is much younger. F's group is an anticipated girl group and F is the visual of her group. She's also getting hit by a lot of male idols. F was seen to be going in and out of E place so many times. The residents even thought F and E were siblings. It won't be too long until we see pictures of F running to E's place with a hat, a mask, and a pants-less outfit. (June 5)
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no popular guess this time so leave yours in the comments!