November 15th, 2018

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Some Exo Bits & Bobs

24/7 with Exo (Behind The Scenes Short)

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sources: SMTOWN 1 2 | Exo Channel | real_mjs | zkdlin 1 2 3 4

On Power Radio they confirmed the repack and variety show filming happening this week and that suho cleans his room like an adult now

Update on the Isu Station assault case

Yesterday, two women claimed to have been assaulted by men simply for being women "with short hair" and wrote a post sharing pictures of all their injuries, which led to a witch hunt of sorts against the men, inciting "Korean man hate" and a 300,000 signature national petition. (OMONA post here)
Celebrities like Oh Chohee jumped on SNS to talk about it and blame the man as well. Further investigations and CCTV later showed that the two women actually instigated the fight by verbally attacking the men first, making fun of them for their "Korean man" d*ck size and daring them to hit them first. Upon the CCTV being revealed, Oh Chohee issued an apology while others like San-E are being attacked by feminist groups for posting the CCTV footage.

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sources: netizenbuzz, Tolex News, MBCNews, Substation @onehallyu
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GOT7 MONOGRAPH "Present : YOU" EP 07

EP 07. Comeback Show Behind

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Sources: GOT7 / gif

The final ep is a long one but I always enjoy seeing the techincal side of things. Also is it just me or do the shots of the choreos show the dancing almost better than some official videos? Anyways I'm always here for a peak behind the scenes. And hey look at that, there's finally a tag for this stuff!

There's too much stuff that would warrant a gif here so instead let's enjoy this moment of Jinyoung baring his arms for once in a lifetime

EP 01 / 02 / 03
EP 04
EP 05 / 06
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GOT7 Jinyoung sings title 이렇게 (Like This/Hold Me) for Top Management OST

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Sources: Blazing Phoenix / GOT7

The song's nothing groundbreaking but it's nice and upbeat AND he sounds great, slay me with those high notes and falsettos Jinyoung 🔥

You can also find it on itunes by searching "Top Management" tho there the song is called Hold Me (whereas everywhere else it's called Like This, idk why)

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Are your local shops playing Christmas music already?