November 21st, 2018

key - face, the first album - teasers (#4)

though not all track details have been released, it has been revealed that key participated in the lyric writing for four of the ten songs on face. the songs include: "아이 윌 파이트 (i will fight)", "이지 투 러브 (easy to love)", "미워 (the duty of love)", and "디스 라이프 (this life)". "아이 윌 파이트 (i will fight)" is an r&b ballad with lyrics that have someone pledging to themselves that they will "overcome and win over the current situations" they're facing. "이지 투 러브 (easy to love)" is a house r&b song that combines "a groovy synthesizer and a sweet electric piano melody that honestly expresses the feeling of being lonely alone but too afraid to start a relationship". "미워 (the duty of love)" is a pop rock song (with the korean title of "i hate you") that involves someone "cutely" complaining to a selfish lover. "디스 라이프 (this life)" is a progressive house song with a message similar to crape diem or yolo.

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Weekly Idol Hosts are leaving the show in 2019 - show will be restructured

On November 21, it was announced that MBC every1 will be restructuring “Weekly Idol” again next year. This comes after large changes to the show in 2018, when longtime hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn and producing director (PD) Kim Jin left “Weekly Idol.”

The show then brought in Lee Sang Min, Kim Shin Young, and Yoo Se Yoon as MCs, and they have been hosting since April.

MBC every1 has now confirmed that with the upcoming restructuring of “Weekly Idol,” they’re planning to change the current MC team as well as the PD and writer. “As the restructuring is planned for January of next year, the MCs who will be taking over have not yet been decided,” the network stated. “It is also unknown when the final episode with the three MCs will air.”

source: @soompi, newsen via soompi
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Somi To Reportedly Make Solo Debut Next Year

Jeon Somi may be making her solo debut next year!

On November 21, media outlet news1 exclusively reported that Jeon Somi is currently working on new music with the goal of making a solo debut in March of 2019.

If confirmed, this will be Jeon Somi’s first activities after leaving JYP Entertainment in August and joining The Black Label, a subsidiary label of YG Entertainment headed by YG producer Teddy, in September.

source: news1 via soompi, @soompi
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2018 Asia Artist Awards Popularity Award fan voting results

2018 Asia Artist Awards Popularity Award fan voting results

Artist: BTS (23.9%)
Male actor: EXO Sehun (33.5%)
Female actress: IU (52.6%)

source: OH_mes, newsen

There was some controversy during the voting process as Yoona's fans accused the AAA of deleting their votes (she won the Popularity Award in 2016 and 2017)...which made them especially mad because the votes were purchased. After repeatedly asking for feedback, they decided to boycott AAA and demanding for a refund.
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BIG 3 (SME, YGE, JYPE) 3rd quarter 2018 earnings

SME: 168.7 billion won (149.5 million dollar)
YGE: 65.2 billion won
JYPE: 34.8 billion won

Operating profit
SME: 12.1 billion won
YGE: 2.6 billion won (2.3 million dollar)
JYPE: 8.5 billion won

Net income
SME: 6.4 billion won
YGE: 2.0 billion won
JYPE: 6.5 billion won

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source:theinvestor 1 2 3 4 5, marketscreener 1 2 3

For the people interested in numbers. I couldn't find JYP's net profit numbers, so I wrote up the net income numbers.
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GOT7 3rd Album "Present : YOU" &ME Edition ALBUM PREVIEW Ver. 2

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Source: GOT7 / haetbitmark

Teaser & Album PreviewTrack List ☆ Album Preview Ver. 2

does Ver. 2 mean anything? idk okay apparently nothing lol
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Oh My Girl announces first U.S tour/fanmeeting 2019

For Oh My Girl’s first U.S. Tour/Fan Meeting, they will be visiting
1) Atlanta
2) Chicago
3) Houston
4) Indio/Fantasy Springs Resort (1/26)
5) San Jose

Ticket prices (Indio/Fantasy Springs) :
Tier 1 - $120 (includes tickets for legal guardians)
Tier 2 - $100 (includes tickets for legal guardians)
Tier 3 - $80
Tier 4 - $60
Tier 5 - $40

Tickets will go on sale THIS FRIDAY (Nov. 23) at 12:00 PM PST!!! Get your tickets at!!

source: JSJ Entertainment FB
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Pledis announces they will be taking legal action regarding defamation against their artists

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source: pledis via melodia_muse

BTS achievements post

BTS now has a platinum single in the United States, as well as their first gold album!

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has now announced that BTS’s “MIC Drop” has gone platinum. According to the RIAA’s website, the track has reached 1 million “units,” with a certification date of November 9. One permanent digital download counts as one unit, and 150 on-demand audio and/or video streams count as one unit.

BTS previously became the first Korean group to receive gold certification when “MIC Drop” achieved the feat in February, and they’re now the first Korean group to receive a platinum certification. In 2013, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” was the first single by a Korean artist to reach the RIAA’s platinum certification standards, and it went on to go five times multi-platinum. “MIC Drop” is now the second track ever by a Korean artist to score platinum certification from the RIAA.

In addition, BTS’s 2018 album “Love Yourself: Answer” and its title track “IDOL” have both been certified gold by the RIAA. A gold certification is earned by a release that reaches 500,000 units.

“Love Yourself: Answer” is the first album by a Korean artist to be certified gold, while “IDOL” is BTS’s fourth single to receive gold certification, following “MIC Drop,” “DNA,” and “Fake Love.”

Congratulations to BTS!

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Cherry Bullet (new FNC girl group): teases 3 members; will start reality show soon + debut in 2019


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2019 debut, meaning behind name + upcoming reality show
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extra info:
- Jiwon and Yuju were 2/3 of the girls teased last year before FNC suddenly stopped and left us hanging (see their old teasers here and here)
- Jiwon has appeared in the following MVs: KRY's Reminiscence, Starship Planet's White Love, Park Bogum's Let's Go See The Stars
- Jiwon was a contestant on Kpop Star Season 1
- Yuju was in Honeyst's Someone To Love MV and BTS' Highlight Reel (first girl)

sources: FNC_ENT 1, 2, 3, The Seoul Story, naver
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GOT7 Jinyoung changes IG handle + profile picture, to the disbelief of fans

If there's one thing GOT7 Jinyoung is known for in the fandom, it's basically whatever the opposite of social media savvy is. Before this he hasn't had a profile pic in his IG acc since the day he created it in 2015 I think, and nowadays doesn't post anything on it unless JYPE forced him he wants to promo something (he also deleted his twitter last year because he didn't feel he had any use for it). The absolute zero energy this man puts into his social media presence is no surprise, and is disgruntedly accepted by his fans.

So that's probably why earlier today everyone was shocked to find that Jinyoung had changed his IG handle and uploaded his first ever profile picture.

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Sources: GOT7_JYP / JJDAILY_ / itsjeyeff / jinyoung_0922jy

It has been less than a week since Jinyoung decided to join the #FreeTheNipple movement in last week's Pepsi concert and once again people just can't believe he's doing something different from his usual self so they be wildin' on twitter with these theories... Let's just say these few days have been a interesting time. Also OP would like to believe he wasn't hacked I mean, let's hope not right?

omona, is your bias so set in their ways that when they decide to make a change you think it's a scam? Are you an avid social media user?

Edit: Youngjae used his new @ in an insta post, he's not hacked! lmaoo