November 22nd, 2018

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EXID Roundup: performing on radio, talking about excitement for ot5 promotions, cheer guide and more

Jeonghwa: We all feel the same way. I talked to the members about enjoying promotions without expecting big results. I'm not hoping for anything else and I want to spend happy memories with many people

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GFRIEND’s Agency Reassures Fans Again About Yuju’s Absence From Recent Activities

GFRIEND’s agency has once again released a statement on Yuju being absent from activities.

Despite the statement released on November 20, fans continued to express concern.

On November 22, Source Music released another statement saying, “There are no issues with Yuju. Beginning in December, she will participate in activities like normal.”

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K-Drama production "Four Sons" with Park Hae Jin grows to an even bigger mess

You might remember "Four Sons" for the numerous production problems they faced (unpaid wages, production company faced lawsuit, etc.), which made Nana and other actors/crew jump ship.

Onto the news: On November 21, industry sources began to report that Park Hae Jin hadn’t shown up to the set of “Four Sons” since November 1. Because of production problems, filming had ground to a halt in May. After reorganizing with a new director, filming began again on August 31. According to Park Hae Jin’s representatives, the production company Victory Contents had scheduled filming up until October 31. However, the director was not able to complete filming within that time.

In an official press release on November 21, Victory Contents stated, “The lead actor for our pre-produced drama ‘Four Sons’ has been refusing all contact with us. The director and the rest of the cast and crew are preparing for filming even today but the production has been set back by this lack of contact with the lead actor.”

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GOT7 3rd Album "Present : YOU" &ME Edition TEASER IMAGE

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Teaser & Album PreviewTrack List Album Preview Ver. 2 ☆ Teaser Image

@ JB in the 1st pic: where are you looking lol?
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

ZICO officially leaving Block B; other member to continue as 6

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didn't this already happen earlier this year? Or was that another group?

Cherry Bullet (new FNC girl group) teasers #2: Haeyoon (Produce 48 contestant), Lin Lin, Chaerin


Lin Lin
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- Some Produce48!Haeyoon content, including her angelic singing to cleanse your ears:

- Haeyoon also recently sang with N.Flying's Hweseung
- Lin Lin is Taiwanese (btw, May from yesterday's teasers is apparently Japanese)
- fetus!Chaerin singing on a show here and here

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