November 23rd, 2018


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American Omonians, how was your Thanksgiving?

Everyone have a safe & great weekend! :D

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! I got most of my black Friday shopping done last night. I don’t even remember what happened in the post turkey haze. Apparently a 22 piece Tupperware set and 2 new crock pots happened idk wtf. Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s check out the top songs for the 4th week of November, 2012. Lots of soloists this week.

#3 K. Will “Please Don’t”
Every time this song is mentioned, I only ever think of the music video. Because the video alone has reached iconic levels. I never just think of the actual song lol. It’s good, but I think he sounds better than the song itself though. Here’s a very dramatic Music Core comeback performance in a tunnel. This is probably the first time I can see the K.Will and Daesung resemblance. But like, Daesung from back in 2010.

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key - face, the first album - teasers (#5)

it has been revealed that rapper vinxen will be collaborating with key on his b-side track, "아이 윌 파이트 (i will fight)", as both the featured rapper and rap maker. along with this ... not much has been put out there over the last two days, but key will be appearing in a liev at 12am kst on november 27th for anyone into that sort of thing.

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Coco says her company lied to her about being broke, so they could fund Sori's solo debut

Don't remember what happened? Here's the omona post

This was in response to someone asking if she still talked to Sori and about the preparations for the MV.
Watch her full twitch broadcast here (interesting stuff starts around 1-hour in)

Stuff she says:
Company rushed her comeback because they wanted to promote Sori right afterwards. She only got to promote once on music shows while Sori was on shows like 15 times.
Says Sori and Coco used to bond really well together and had great teamwork. Sori didn't want to do CocoSori anymore, she wanted to act. Coco said she'd continue doing music and did her own stuff. Company prevented Sori from acting. Sori didn't let her know about her solo. Coco found out when Sori posted her YT-video. Coco thought the company was broke and couldn't support her, so she had to do a kickstarter and ask her friends...turned out company was preparing for Sori's debut and fully backed her.
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source: rilaccoco via art_wins
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EXID Roundup - I Love You Relay Dance, Music Bank comeback stage, Jeonghwa with Peniel&Jihyo

let's start with something wholesome

watch the full broadcast subbed on VLIVE

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Iron gets suspended sentence for assaulting girlfriend

An appeals court upheld rapper Iron’s 2016 sentence of eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, after a lower court found him guilty of multiple counts of assault.

The Seoul Central District Court on Thursday found Iron, 26, guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend on several occasions, including an assault during a sexual encounter.

He was also ordered to perform 80 hours of community service.

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source: koreaherald
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Lee Seo Won Enlists In The Military + To Attend Hearing For Sexual Harassment Charges

On November 22, his agency Blossom Entertainment stated, “Lee Seo Won received a notice of enlistment on November 12, and his trial date [for the fourth hearing] was originally scheduled for November 22. In order to enlist after his trial, [Lee Seo Won] had submitted questions to the Military Manpower Administration, but we received a final notice that according to current laws, attendance at trials does not fall under reasons for postponing one’s military enlistment. Due to this, he enlisted on November 20.”

The agency continued, “[Lee Seo Won] plans to sincerely attend his trial through the military court with the status of a soldier.”

Lee Seo Won had originally been slated to appear at his fourth hearing at the Seoul Eastern District Court on November 22 after pleading guilty to charges of sexual harassment and criminal threats made against him. However, due to the reasons above, he did not appear at the hearing.

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source: @soompi, newsen|osen via soompi

Cherry Bullet (new FNC girl group) final member teasers: Mirae, Kokoro, Remi, Bora


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- Bora was the other girl that was teased last year before FNC called it a day
- Bora appeared in BTS' Highlight Reel, Honeyst's Someone To Love MV and that SF9 webdrama (short-haired girl)
- Kokoro and Remi(?) are Japanese (totaling 4 non-Korean members in the group)
- Bora predebut singing: x, x
- Mirae predebut singing: x, x, x (amongst others)

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