November 24th, 2018

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Tzuyu Sits Out Scheduled Activities Due To Health Concerns

On November 24, the agency posted a notice on TWICE’s official website stating that Tzuyu would not be attending the fan sign event scheduled for that day.

They explained, “The doctors advised Tzuyu that she should rest and focus on taking care of her health, so we have made the decision for Tzuyu to not attend the November 24 fan sign event as we value the health of our artists above all else.” JYP Entertainment added, “We sincerely apologize for bringing such unfortunate news to fans. We will do our best to ensure that Tzuyu has a quick recovery.”

source: @soompi, naver via soompi
Woozi laughing but not
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Cho PD Receives Sentence For Fraud During Management Of Topp Dogg

Cho PD was found guilty during his first trial for increasing the size of the investment for an idol group and taking profits.

On November 23, head judge Hong Ki Chan at the Seoul Central District Court gave Cho PD a two-year prison sentence suspended for three years. This means that Cho PD will be spending three years on probation and will have to serve a two-year term in prison if he violates the conditions of the probation during those years.

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Song Mino Opens Up About His Struggle With A Panic Disorder

WINNER’s Song Mino spoke about struggling with a panic disorder on JTBC’s “Human Intelligence” (literal title).

“Human Intelligence” is a pilot variety show that explores the concept of a future version of human intelligence helping a user. The “users” of this technology are Min Kyung Hoon, Song Mino, and IZ*ONE who are joined by stars playing the roles of artificial intelligence, including Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon who’s an expert in camping, writer Kim Jung Ki who’s an expert in drawing, and Kim Jong Min who’s an expert in variety shows.

On November 23, Song Mino spent a special day with his A.I.

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source: @soompi, X-Sports News|Naver TV via soompi
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BTS’s “Burn The Stage: The Movie” To Return To Theaters For Encore Run After Box Office Success

BTS’s “Burn the Stage: The Movie” will have another run of screenings in theaters around the world!

On November 23, Variety published an exclusive report that announced that the film will be getting a global theatrical encore.

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YouTuber Sucking Sunday exposes swindlers on the streets of Seoul

YouTuber Sucking Sunday has taken to exposing swindlers in Seoul that go after Koreans and foreigners alike to try and get money for their religious cults. He has no problem being loud and bringing attention to the situations he stumbles upon and detests these swindlers for taking advantage of people and painting Korea(ns) in a bad light.

English subtitles available if you click CC!

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source: Sucking Sunday on YouTube

I'll be visiting Korea again for the second time in a few weeks and the first video randomly popped up on my recommended videos on YouTube and I got sucked into this series. Is there a similar scam in your country, Omonians? And for those of you who have been to/live in Seoul, how big of a problem really are these people? Totally not doing this to paint Koreans in a bad light, I just thought this guy's investigative journalism methods were funny, lol. Something similar happened to me on a college campus here in the US and I immediately knew something was up as soon as they brought up god and wanting to get to know more people in the area.
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Dreamcatcher released Japanese bops.

With the release of their mini album, they debuted in Japan with the remake of their single What.

They also released this original bop, showing everyone how it’s done.

And an awesome remake of Chase Me.
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I may be super biased but I Miss You is the best Japanese song released by a Kpop group, fight me.
Also sorry if anything is wrong, first time submitting from my phone- I’m in South Africa for vacations and I couldn’t skip this.

Baekhyun complains about Sasaengs on Insta Live, asks fans for permission to go on a diet

On a recent Instagram Live session, Baekhyun once again called out Sasaengs and their stalking behavior. He also talked about his health, asked fans for permission to lose weight and listed the things he was told (by sasaengs) to change in order to get more popular. In addition, he told fans that they can stop buying albums now and to buy something warm instead, like a padded jacket.

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