November 30th, 2018

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181130 Music Bank

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]
Wanna One

'Spring Breeze'


'Yes or Yes'

Digital Sales (디지덜 음원 점수) 2918 2916
Viewers Choice (시청자 전호도 점수) 0 1310
Broadcast Score (방송 점수) 1056 609
Physical Album Sales (음반 점수) 7535 54
Final Total 11509 4889

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sources: zzz / KBSKpop

Lots of comebacks! So happy to see EXID, Yubin & Red Velvet.

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Happy almost December, Omona!

Dok2 Announces New Release in Response to Recent Controversy

On November 30, Dok2 took to his Instagram to announce an upcoming release. The track “Be Careful with Your Words” (literal translation) reportedly contains the rapper’s full answer to the recent controversy involving his mother.

Along with the picture, the rapper said, “I will state my full response in the song. I don’t mean to use this controversy as a marketing method for my new track. As a rapper, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the right thing for me to do. Whether it’s right or not. I will release my new single next Monday at 6 p.m., KST.”

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source: KpopLove via Korea Daily & dok2gonzo

Flashback Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s see what was on top for the 5th week of November, 2013.

#3 San E featuring Sanchez “Break Up Dinner”

This is the only song this week that I’ve posted in a past post, so this time it’s a live performance. This was a song off of his “”Not” Based On A True Story” album, his first album after leaving JYP for Brand New Music (totally didn’t know he was in JYP). All of the singles off of this album got into the top ten.

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source: MBCkpop, 2NE1, starshipTV, 1theK, RealVIXX & Gaon

Block B's Jaehyo Opens Up About His Mental Struggles in 'Momento' Photo Exhibition + Enlistment Date

Trigger Warning: Depression/Suicide

Jaehyo is holding a photo exhibition called "Momento" from November 30th - December 19th. All the proceeds will be donated to charity on Jaehyo's behalf.

Photo: "Have you also sat at the edge of the rooftop and pondered about sad thoughts?"

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His enlistment date is December 20th.

Source: Stanstoomuch_, BlockB_united, Reereeria, Q_bbc1
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E'Dawn/Hyojong posts song snippet he is working on

“You and me on top of the world
Why is it we can only walk one path
Will flowers bloom where there was heat
Or will the sprouts be completely crushed
Like everything’s lost my name my heart
Missing [you]
But when I look back

“Trash, they say you’re trash, they say I’m trash (oh god)
Why, mom why, dad why

“Lies as comforts, I’ll pass just
Let me go crazy please dance floor
If a cage is love then (WTF)
Better kill me then cage me
Time, don’t go by because your month will soon pass you by
It’s a typical ending because they’ll cut away all of you anyway”

source: hyojong_1994, soompi

He also posted a comic clip titled “A boy wearing a cloak of thorns,” which is about a man living with emptiness and pain in his heart who one day discovers his young self. He comes to embrace the child, healing from his scars.
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Rain Raises Questions About Accuser's Claims Of Fraud

November 30, singer and actor Rain responded to claims that his parents never paid back borrowed money though an official statement from Rain Company. In the statement, the agency clarifies that Rain never threatened the accuser and raises issue with the evidence and claims put forth by the accusing party.

Previously, on November 26, the accuser posted a statement on the national government petition board and various online communities claiming that Rain’s parents “borrowed 1.7 million won (approximately $15,200) worth of rice from the period of 1988 to 2004 and never paid it back.” They also claim that Rain’s parents borrowed 8 million won (approximately $7,100) in cash, for a total borrowed amount of 25 million won (approximately $22,300).

In a statement on November 28, Rain Company promised legal action and stated that if the amount borrowed can be confirmed, Rain would repay the money.

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source: @soompi, newsen via soompi
Sam Kim
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Sam Kim to release special winter single and collabs with Chai (featured) and IU (lyrics)!

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source: antennamusic, 1thek

Chai aka Lee Soojung is a fellow Antenna artist as well as the winner of K-Popstar 5. Sam and IU worked together on IU's Ending Scene in the past.
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Cheetah And JeA Open Up About Their Experiences With Depression

In the most recent episode of “Strong My Way,” Cheetah and JeA talked about depression.

A 22-year-old college student who is doing part-time work after taking a break from school said she has no interest in everything these days. She confessed she would space out and pinch her thigh like a habit, and when she came back to consciousness, she would have a bruise from it. Her friends told her she looks like she’s having a hard time and advised her to go to a hospital, but she’s afraid to go because the medical record might be an obstacle in the path of her career later on.

Cheetah and JeA expressed empathy to her situation. Cheetah said she had been in the same situation recently. JeA confessed she avoided people because she had a difficult time being bright in front of others while being depressed by herself. She said even her heart thumped whenever she received a call.

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source: @soompi, nate via soompi
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EXID reveal they evenly split their income with Solji during her hiatus

During a recent radio appearance, Solji reassured listeners and fans that she is much better and just needs to maintain her current state of health. She also expressed her gratitude, saying, “Many people worried for me. I am thankful and apologetic towards LEGGOs [EXID fans]. I felt overwhelmed with emotions now that I could finally be together with everyone.”

Kim Shin Young (the host) commented, “I heard that Hani suggested that the members should split their income equally even while Solji was on hiatus.”

Affirming how they divided their income, Hani explained, “I wasn’t the only one to have that opinion. It was something all the other members were thinking. That’s why we split our income evenly when Solji was on hiatus.” She added, “Recently, we get paid individually.”

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source: soompi, segye, xsportsnews, instiz (gif set)
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BTS estimated to have recorded nearly $40 million in ticket sales for their Love Yourself world tour

source: OH_mes, businesspost