December 1st, 2018

NCT 127 Accused Of Cultural Appropriation After Sampling Maori Haka

K-pop group NCT 127’s song “Simon Says” sparked mixed sentiments in New Zealand after it was accused of appropriating parts of traditional Maori prayer karakia.

“‘Simon Says’ by NCT 127 has been watched nearly 7 million times, but not everyone’s a fan,” wrote New Zealand’s television channel TVNZ, Thursday.

TVNZ quoted professor Aroha Mead of New Zealand’s Maori Centre of Research Excellence, that the te reo Maori words, “Ttuturu o whiti whakamaua kia tina,” featured at the beginning of the K-pop song “Simon Says,” are “... very empowering and affirmative respectful words” and that “If this song is not carrying on that spirit ... then they have used it inappropriately.

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Source: Korea Herald
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2018 Melon Music Awards - Winners & Performances

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