December 12th, 2018

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Streaming Post - 2018 MAMA in Japan (Day 2)

Line Up: BTS, IZ*ONE, Mamamoo, Monsta X, NU'EST W, Stray Kids, Twice, Wanna One, GOT7, Bullet Train, Park Bo Gum (Host), Minue, Matsuhige Yutaka, Ha Seok Jin, Jang Hyuk, Jung So Min, Yang Se Jong

When: Wednesday, December 12 at 7:00 PM KST (Red Carpet at 5:00 PM KST)
Timezone conversions: 5:00 AM EST / 02:00 AM PST / 10:00 AM GMT

Stream Links Red Carpet:
Mnet Youtube (Official)
Mnet VLIVE (Official)
Mnet Twitter (Official)

Stream Links Show:
Mnet Youtube (official)
Mnet VLIVE (official)
AQStream VL

Source: M-net K-POP
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

EXO: Final Group Teaser & Updated Package Details

Korean MV released at 6PM on Dec 13. Chinese MV released at 1AM KST on Dec 14 (I think my timezone math might be off)

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sources: | @weareoneexo

did you listen to the snippets on the livestream? what do you think?
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

PENTAGON Hongseok to Appear in MBN Drama 'The Best Chicken'

Wednesday-Thursday drama series is a romantic-comedy about young adults who chase their dreams, alongside previously confirmed cast members Park Sun Ho, former IOI member Kim So Hye, and Joo Woo Jae. Starts airing on January 2, 2019.

source: naver via oh_mes

he's also still on Real Men 300
they wore short shorts last episode if that's of interest to anyone. also can confirm all the idol boys are dumb as rocks

Park Hae-Mi’s Husband Hwang Min Receives Prison Sentence for Drunk Driving


On December 12, Hwang Min appeared at the Uijeongbu District Court for the first hearing for drunk driving accident back in August. While the prosecutors sought a 6-year prison sentence for the charges, the court ordered him a final sentence of 4 years and 6 months.

The department of justice commented, “Hwang Min is guilty of driving reckless with a BAC that clearly exceeded the minim limit for driving under the influence. As a result, two passengers in the car passed, and the other two received a severe injury. Furthermore, he did not receive the forgiveness of the family of the dead. At last, his records show that this is not the first time he was arrested for drunk driving.”

They continued, “considering the fact that he has no other criminal record besides drunk driving and managed to come to a settlement with the other party, we hereby order Hwang Min a prison sentence of 4 years and 6 months.”

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily

San E goes after the media with new song "Trash Journalist"

Outspoken hip-hop artist San E has taken a swipe at Korean journalists involved in "untrustworthy yellow journalism" in his new single "Trash Journalist."

The rapper released the single Tuesday through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The song has not broken into a top 100 chart in any of Korea's seven major online music sites, including Melon and Bugs Music, which is rare for the musician. His past singles highlighting major social issues, like "Bad Year," about former President Park Geun-hye on the verge of impeachment, and "Oong Ang Oong," about online misandry communities, all became hits.

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source: The Korea Times & Funny Pet Videos

HOTSHOT Noh Tae-Hyun to Make Solo Debut in January

A representative from HOTSHOT‘s agency, Star Crew Entertainment, announced that member Noh Tae-hyun will release a solo mini-album in January. Further, according to the official, he will release the album after completing group activities and preview one of the songs at HOTSHOT’s fanmeet on December 21.

The singer’s solo debut comes after he failed to make the cut on the second season of “Produce 101 Season 2” on Mnet. However, while he did not join what is now WANNAONE, Noh did join project group JBJ. While with the boy group, he participated in two mini-albums, went on an Asian tour, and held a concert before it dissolved in April. Since then, Noh rejoined HOTSHOT and together they released their second mini-album Early Flowering in November.

Meanwhile, the boy group is holding a fan meeting at Ewha Women’s University auditorium on December 21 at 8 p.m.

source: KPopLove via isplus