December 19th, 2018


[TW] Minzy Opens Up About Depression & How 'Fighting for Myself' Forced Her to Leave 2NE1

For the first time ever, the 24-year-old shares why her time in one of the world's most beloved girl groups led to years of instability and confusion. Now, with the help of friends and faith, the solo star wants to inspire those fighting similar demons.

The first time Minzy visited Los Angeles, the singer-dancer was in town for a first-of-its-kind K-pop concert with her girl group, 2NE1, as well as some studio time with Her latest trip is equally star-powered with the debut performance of her new solo single at Al Gore's 24-hour-long Climate Reality livestream program, rehearsals with a new dance crew, and more studio time. What's changed, though, is her mindset: she’s gone from a confused, teenaged pop star to a mature young woman who's looking to take what she’s learned from tough celebrity lessons and offer a path of inspiration and guidance.

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Source: billboard

BTOB Yook Sungjae casted as main lead for tvN drama

SOURCE: mes TeamPinky Soompi

About the drama: Yook Sungjae has been cast as Hong Jo, the cat that sometimes becomes a man. He wants to become human for his owner, and in order to stay by her side, he starts living a double life.

Finally! This is such a beautiful Christmas gift for us fans of Yook Sungjae (the actor). I've been waiting for him to take on a new drama as we always hear news of him getting lots of offers/scripts but usually turns them down. He did say he wanted to focus on BTOB more after completing "Goblin" and its totally understandable since the other members are to enlist. It was best to focus on BTOB that time. Now that 3 members will be enlisting, it's a good time to work on solo projects. And I wonder if Sungjae auditioned Sami for the cat role lmao


BoA Releases Special Edition Wine

On Wednesday, Avex Group (herein Avex) announced on its website that it would sell the limited edition Japanese wine The Rain of the Day (direct translation), which was jointly produced with BoA, for a short time.

According to Avex, it explained that BoA travels around Japan on tours and personal trip frequently. With her enduring presence in the country, the company approached her about making her own special drink. Further, with its release, Avex believes that it will be perfect for the winter season.

Meanwhile, for the past 18 years, BoA has been active in both Korea and Japan. Recently, she released a Christmas single in Japan and is expected to attend some of the year-end award shows in Korea.

What are you drinking this holiday season, Omona? I'm all about the eggnog.

source: KPopLove via Korea Daily & avex

N.Flying Kwangjin allegedly dating fan + possible sexual harrassment, to leave band temporarily

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sources: OH_Mes 1, 2, naver

hmm @ him; also, for full details check out soompi's coverage or AsianJunkie's coverage

KNK to make a comeback next year with a new member

KNK is gearing up for their return!
On December 19, industry representatives reported that the group is preparing to make a comeback next year with a new member.

A representative of KNK confirmed through an official announcement, “Beginning with their upcoming promotions, KNK will be promoting as a five-member group with the addition of a new member. We ask for lots of interest and support for KNK and the new member.”

In September, it was revealed that the group parted ways with YNB Entertainment, and Youjin left due to health concerns.
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source: naver, soompi
Member Seungjun also legally changed his name to Seoham a few months ago. AnywaysI'm so glad they're coming back and can't wait for the new member
me gustas tu

GFriend coming back in January with their 2nd full-length album!

GFRIEND is gearing up for their return!

On December 17, industry representatives reported that the group is currently preparing to release a studio album in January, making it their second studio album since “LOL” in July 2016.

In response to the reports, the group’s agency Source Music confirmed, “GFRIEND is preparing to make a comeback aimed for January of next year.”

This upcoming release will be their first comeback since “Sunny Summer” in July 2018.

Stay tuned for more details and teasers!

Source: Soompi via Naver (1 2)

Finally, a second full album!! It'll also be their four year anniversary in January - where has the time gone?
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Choon Entertainment (Longguo & Shihyun's agency) to debut new boygroup WITZ

According to the agency, their new boy group will be called WITZ and they are preparing pre-debut activities for the members.

WITZ is based on a relatively new slang term that is used to describe a trendsetter of fashion and culture. The group hopes to become a trend setter in the K-pop market with new and unique music.

The new boy group will be meeting fans through performance videos, reality shows, and live broadcasts. Choon Entertainment stated, ““WITZ is composed of members who are not only talented vocalists, but who are also outstanding composers and lyricists. Accordingly, the members participated in [producing] both the upcoming performance video and the song featured in it."

source: WITZ, soompi, naver 1 2
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NCT's Haechan to take a break from activities due to fractured shinbone

On December 19, SM Entertainment shared through an official statement, “Member Haechan recently went to the hospital after twisting his right leg while preparing for performances. It was diagnosed that his tibia (shinbone) is fractured, so he is in a cast and is currently resting.

The statement continues, “As a result, Haechan will inevitably not participate in all schedules including end-of-year activities, and he will focus on treatment and recovery for the time being as recommended by the doctor.”

source: soompi, newsen, @soompi
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Astro to have a comeback in January

Fantagio revealed, “[ASTRO] is currently preparing for a January comeback.”

If ASTRO confirms their comeback date for January, the boy group will be resuming promotional activities after a year and two months since the release of their mini album “Dream Part.02.” Although ASTRO released their special album “Rise Up” in July, they did not officially promote the song on most music shows.

Meanwhile, the ASTRO members have been actively appearing in various dramas, variety shows, and other projects. ASTRO will be holding their second solo concert “The Second ASTROAD to Seoul” on December 22 and 23 at the KBS Arena Hall in Seoul.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
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WJSN to comeback in early January

Industry representatives reported that the girl group is in the final stages of preparation for an early January comeback and is filming their music video on December 19.

In response to the reports, the group’s agency Starship Entertainment commented, “WJSN is confirmed to make a comeback in January of next year,” and added that the exact date is still under discussion.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver 1 2
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HyunA and E'Dawn talk about their future plans + recent instagram pics

HyunA and E'Dawn chatted with fans about their future plans via a instagram live broadcast. [...] When HyunA asked E’Dawn what his plans are, E’Dawn replied, “I like now though.” HyunA laughed and pointed out that 2018 is almost over, but E’Dawn said he doesn’t think that is important. HyunA explained that E’Dawn focuses on just living each day and enjoying it, rather than worrying.

HyunA shared to the camera, “For me, the first thing is I want to do is make plans to meet my fans.” She added, “And you know that I love performing the most. I’m carefully thinking about this performance. I’ve decided to do recording for the album starting this year.” HyunA asked E’Dawn if he’s going to help her, and E’Dawn replied, “I have to meet my own fans.”

They laughed and HyunA said, “But you can still help me with writing songs!” HyunA suggested that E’Dawn say something to his fans, and he said he misses them. She asked him when he’ll meet them next, and he said, “Whenever I have the chance.”

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source: hyunah_aa, soompi,, whyhahm
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BTS’s 10-Year Economic Impact To Korea Expected To Reach Over 56 Trillion Won

Experts have predicted that once BTS hits their 10-year mark, they will have made an economic impact that surpasses even that of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

December 18, the Hyundai Research Institute (HRI) released a report stating that for the period of 2014 through 2023, BTS’s economic impact will reach an estimated total of 56.2 trillion won (approximately $49.8 billion).

It’s a combined figure including production inducement effects (41.9 trillion won) and value-added creation effects (14.3 trillion won) over 10 years.

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source: @soompi, asiae via soompi
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JYP's new girl group rumored to have 5 members

source: choijis00, naver

Will this be the new Miss A?
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Youtube reveals Top 10 K-Pop MVs from 2018

1. Blackpink - Ddu-Du Ddu-Du
2. BTS - Fake Love
3. BTS - MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)
5. Momoland - Bboom Bboom
6. Twice - Heart Shaker
7. Twice - What Is Love?
8. iKON - Love Scenario
9. Red Velvet - Bad Boy
10. Twice - Dance The Night Away

The data was collected from November 24, 2017 through November 23, 2018. For the top 10 videos, over 85 percent of views on average are from outside of Korea, demonstrating the presence of Korean idol groups globally.

source: ajunews, soompi
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Dazed's 20 (10) best K-Pop songs of 2018

[...] 2018 saw an uptick in music quality. Over the past few years, K-pop’s trend-chasing had gotten out of control, resulting in a somewhat identikit musical landscape, and while tropical house, trap, and Latin sounds are still popular, producers are consciously refining and redefining those sounds. Our annual rundown of the year’s best K-pop songs is limited to one track per artist or group, and – given the genre’s focus on unified music and visuals – takes into consideration both the song and its MV (music video). Here’s our dive into the year in K-pop.

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source: dazeddigital, jypentertainment, 1thek, starship, sment, (g)i-dle official, ibighit

You can find the full ranking at Dazed.
Omona, what were your favorite releases in 2018? Is this a ranking you can get behind? Any B-side that you want more people to know about?