December 23rd, 2018


Lee Young-ja is the first woman to win grand prize at KBS Entertainment Awards

On December 22 at the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards, comedian Lee Young-ja was given the Grand Prize award for the night. While any entertainer would be pleased with such an honor, for Lee and women in entertainment, it was a first.

In particular, this was the first time that Lee has gotten the prize in her 27 years in the industry. In addition to that, she is also the very first woman to in the history of the KBS Entertainment Awards to received the honor.

When named the recipient, Lee said that “there are so many people who thanked me for being funny, and I was touched and grateful.” Like those who thanked her, the comedian also mentioned the people in the industry who have helped her along the way including Shin Dong-yeop and Jung Chan-woo.

She's been around for so long! And she's been killing it on Omniscient Interfering View since the pilot.

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Miko Masuda graduates from Honey Popcorn

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Sooyoung describes SNSD promotions and shares thoughts on marriage

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung spoke about Girls’ Generation and whether she’s thought of marriage when she talked to Japanese outlet Sankei Sports in an interview.

“I’m still Girls’ Generation right now,” said Sooyoung. “Right now, the eight members want to focus on our individual promotions. YoonA is filming a movie and Taeyeon is on a solo tour. It’s a time where we can do what we want to our heart’s content.”

She continued, “I’m happy that we have fans who wait for us and understand us. I want to sing a new Girls’ Generation song soon. We haven’t disbanded, so it’s something that’s not impossible. For now, please look forward to more of our individual promotions.”

On the topic of marriage, Sooyoung stated, “I want to get married because I think, ‘I like this person and want to be with this person forever,’ and not because I think, ‘I should get married.’ There are still various things I want to attempt doing. I think that getting married is something I can do even in my 30s or 40s. However, I do think there is a limit on characters I can play after getting married.

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JYPE's trainee Hwang Yeji tops realtime search rankings after performing "New Rules" on "The Fan"

Earlier this month, Hwang Yeji’s first appearance on the new survival show caught viewers’ eye and launched her to the top of Naver’s realtime search rankings. Although many were impressed by her performance, she failed to secure the votes of three of the “fan masters” (the show’s celebrity panelists), and she ultimately ended up just three votes shy of safely making it through to the next round.

After earning enough online votes to move on to the second round of the competition (a total of 61,268), Hwang Yeji returned for a second shot on the December 22 episode of “The Fan.” The trainee declared before her performance that she had worked her very hardest to prepare and was more determined than ever to avoid her previous fate, commenting with a smile, “Today, I won’t become a candidate for elimination.”

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You can watch the show subbed on viki!
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Ben's "180 Degrees" tops charts and is swept up in chart manipulation accusations

Ben's most recent track “180 Degree” has been under suspicion of chart manipulation. Although BEN has previously received love for her music and has charted high before, this is the first time she has been accused of chart manipulation.

Unlike her previous tracks, accusations for “180 Degree” arose due to the song rising on late night charts. As the number of users is lowest late at night, the real-time charts are generally dominated by strong idol fandoms who continue streaming at those times.

The song rose with a similar pattern to tracks like Nilo’s “Pass” and Shaun’s “Way Back Home,” which have both been under suspicion also. “180 Degree” was further accused as the song “Shin Yong Jae” by HAEUN has been rising similarly on charts, and HAEUN is in the same agency as BEN.

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