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TVXQ’s Yunho is caught in a sweet dilemma. He is being discharged from the military in just a few hours, and as for what is to come next, he is left with a lot of options. It seems like whatever he chooses, there are only good things to come.

While he waits for four months for his bandmate Changmin to be released from the military, Yunho has two major choices after discharge: releasing a solo or acting. The former will be a new challenge for him, while with the latter, he will be able to expand his spectrum as an actor. His agency SM Entertainment said on April 19, “Nothing has been decided for sure as of now, but we are discussing a number of different possibilities.”

The TVXQ members tested the waters by releasing solo music videos for their album “RISE AS GOD” in 2015 before they left but they did not promote the album. Yunho released a solo mini album in 2015 but it was released exclusively to fan club members in Japan and was not released at all elsewhere. This may be a good way for him to test himself, as well as solidify support for the complete TVXQ’s return in August. He had plenty of practice standing on stage alone as part of his enlistment. In particular, on April 1, he effectively performed a solo concert in Yangju, and showed that he hasn’t rusted in the time that we haven’t seen him.

He is also considering acting. He debuted as an actor in 2009 in MBC’s “No Limit.” While there were reviews criticizing him for being unnatural at the time, his last TV acting work, MBC’s “The Night Watchman,” was met with great reviews. He also made a surprise appearance in “Ode To My Father” and showed off impressive acting as well.

It looks like he will be guesting in a number of variety shows as well. As he has shown exemplary service during his time in the military including being chosen as a special class soldier, it was reported that he has already been asked to appear in a number of popular variety shows.

Meanwhile, Yunho will be discharged at around 9:30 a.m. KST on April 20 from the Yangju’s 26th Mechanized Infantry Division and say a short greeting for press and his fans.

Source: As watermarked (via yunhoparadise on Tumblr), vyoback, yunoloT, Naver (via Soompi

He's apparently a special class soldier but I'm completely clueless what that means so if anyone knows what that means, please feel free to tell us what it is!! og oppa is back, which also has me back here. I missed you, omona~

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