January 1st, 2019

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(BREAKING) (CONFIRMED) She's no longer sololololo: Kai and Jennie are dating!

Update: Both SM & YG have confirmed the news. Dope couple, congratz!

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Hyolyn's Medley Performance for KBS's Drama Awards Makes Headlines for Being Too Racy for the Event

On December 31, Hyolyn perfomed at medley at the KBS Drama Awards. Her performance began with her singing "Spring Watch," from the original soundtrack to the drama Black Knight. She, then, removes her coat and performs "See Sea" and "Dally." Many viewers found her performance and outfit inappropriate for the event that is so often viewed together by families. Even the day after the event, Hyolyn's performance is still being discussed into the new year.

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Omona, do you think she went to far? Do you think everyone should lighten up? Does this differ from Whasha's performance because it is a drama award show?

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HaHa and Byul expect their third child

On December 31, HaHa and Byul announced that they are expecting their third child, with Byul now in her 10th week of pregnancy.

In an interview with the outlet News1, HaHa said, “To be honest, we hadn’t planned on having a third child. But when I heard the news of our precious third child, I was really happy.” He shared that he has a busy 2019 planned and said, “I feel sorry because I can’t give greater care to Byul while she’s pregnant, but I will do my best.”

He added, “I feel a great sense of responsibility because we’re becoming parents to three children. I’ll try to do well as a singer, entertainer, and father too.”

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source: @soompi, sweetstar0001, news1 via soompi
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Wanna One posts sweet message + Ha Sung Woon, Yoon Ji Sung and Lai Guanlin's plans for the future

[#WannaOneDay] They say first loves never come true, but Wanna One and Wannables met like a miracle, became each other’s first love, and had a beautiful relationship. Those vivid moments that only Wanna One and Wannables know, we will never forget. We hope all Wannables have a happy 2019. #Forever_WannaOne #Always_WannaOne

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The members of Wanna One will return to their original agencies starting today.

Edit: I updated the post with Lai Guanlin's plans.
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Kang Sung Hoon leaves Sechskies and YGE

Kang Sung Hoon has announced his decision to leave SECHSKIES and YG Entertainment.

The decision comes after controversy arose in 2018 regarding Kang Sung Hoon’s canceled Taiwanese fan meeting and his fan club’s poor management issues. He was also involved in a trespassing case involving his former manager and he did not participate in SECHSKIES’s October concert. In November, Kang Sung Hoon opened up about the situation on his personal Instagram account. In the same month, SECHSKIES fans filed a lawsuit against Kang Sung Hoon and his fan club Hoony World.

On January 1, Kang Sung Hoon took to Hoony World to give his official statement on the decision. His statement reads as follows:

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Antenna's Lee Jin Ah to marry pianist-boyfriend Shin Sung Jin!

On the afternoon of January 1, a source from Lee Jin Ah’s agency stated, “Lee Jin Ah and Shin Sung Jin will be getting married in late March. The exact date and location will not be made public. They recently finished taking their wedding photos.”

The couple first officially confirmed reports of their relationship in August 2018.

Lee Jin Ah became well known as a competitor on “K-pop Star 4″ in 2014, and she later joined Yoo Hee Yeol‘s agency Antenna Music. She and Shin Sung Jin were junior and senior students together while studying practical music at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. Shin Sung Jin has worked with Lee Jin Ah on her music, such as taking part in the creation of songs on her mini album “Random.” He is a respected pianist and session player within the music world, and has worked with stars such as Ji Chang Wook, Na Yoon Kwon, Baek A Yeon, and Choi Baek Ho.

source: @balloon_wanted, naver, soompi, newsen

Aww, congratulations! I wish them the best, she's such a gentle soul!
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Rainbow's Oh Seung Ah and Kim Jae Kyung share a meaningful reunion at the MBC Drama Awards

On December 30, the two stars, who debuted together in 2009 as members of the girl group Rainbow, both attended the 2018 MBC Drama Awards at the MBC Media Center in Seoul. Each actress took home an award at the end of the night—Kim Jae Kyung won a Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in MBC’s “Bad Papa,” while Oh Seung Ah won Best New Actress for her role in “Secrets and Lies.”

After the award ceremony, the two stars happily celebrated their victories together and shared a few adorable photos to commemorate the occasion on Instagram.

Kim Jae Kyung wrote in her caption, “Today was a happy moment made even happier by the fact that we were able to share it together.” She added in the hashtags, “Rainbow,” “and also Rain-nous [Rainbow’s official fan club name].”


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source: _kimjaekyung_, snowmanloveu, soompi, naver
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MYTEEN's Taevin departures from group, will debut as an actor

Taevin will be leaving MYTEEN.

On December 30, the group’s agency released an official statement to reveal the news.

The statement reads as follows:

Hello. This is Music Works.
First of all, we thank the You”th who always love and cherish MYTEEN.
We are sharing an announcement regarding the future activities of MYTEEN’s eldest Lee Taevin.
Taevin has discussed with us regarding his entertainment industry activities several times until now.
We carefully had lots of conversations for a long time, and respecting Taevin’s opinion that he would like to focus on acting, it was decided that he would conclude activities with MYTEEN.
We sincerely apologize for suddenly sharing unfortunate news with You”th.
We will put in our effort so that MYTEEN and Lee Taevin can all focus on their activities.
Please give lots of encouragement and support for Lee Taevin, who will return as an actor.
Thank you.

source: @soompi, soompi, officialmyteen
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Which male celebrities will return from military in 2019?


Joo Won, Im Siwan, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, Kang Ha Neul,
Ok Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Joon

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Who are you excited to see again?