January 2nd, 2019


OMONA ORIGINAL: 11 songs that turn 10 years old in 2019 (Part 2)

Some people say that 2009 was the golden year of K-Pop. Can you believe that this was already 10 years ago? Get ready for a trip down memory lane cause all these songs are turning a decade old this year!
Part 1 can be found here.

Kara - Mister
released: August 15

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The East Light’s Lee Seok Cheol And Lee Seung Hyun Refute Agency’s Claims During Visit To Prosecutor

What happened prior?

Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun, formerly of The East Light, visited the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office on December 2 to give their testimony as plaintiffs of their case.

Before they entered the building, Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun answered questions from reporters and gave their stance regarding the claims made by CEO Kim Chang Hwan, who held a press conference on December 26 with president Lee Jung Hyun and former The East Light members Jung Sa Gang and Lee Eun Sung.

Lee Seok Cheol stated, “I have many things to say about the recent press conference held by the agency. I was upset to hear them saying that I made statements I know I never made. I will continue to do my best to speak honestly for the investigation, and I will speak to them about the actions I am accused of taking that I never did. Like I said in my previous press conference, I just hope that things that this never happen again in the K-pop industry. This isn’t just about what my brother and I went through. I will do my best for today’s questioning.”

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"Devilish Joy" breaks promise to pay wages to all cast till end of Dec, JYPE to take legal action

October: "Devilish Joy" Production Company promises to pay unpaid wages by November
December: "Devilish Joy" Production Company says they will pay outstanding payments for cast by December 31st.
Now: JYP Entertainment To Take Legal Action On Song Ha Yoon’s Unpaid Wages For “Devilish Joy”

Previously on December 28, it was reported that actors including Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon are still awaiting payment. The production company Golden Thumb Pictures stated that everyone would be paid by December 31.

However, the actors’ agencies revealed that they have still not been paid. In addition to Song Ha Yoon and Lee Joo Yeon, many supporting actors have yet to receive their full payments.

One actor’s agency commented, “Even after the issue of unpaid wages was brought up, zero won has been received so far,” and continued, “It is unclear to the point that we don’t know if the payment can even be received in the future. We cannot maintain our trust when the previous promised dates for payment were not even fulfilled. iHQ, MBN, Dramax, and Golden Thumb are all not taking active action still.”

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BTOB’s Minhyuk To Release Solo Album Before Enlisting In The Military

On January 2, a source revealed that Minhyuk is releasing a solo studio album on January 15. This is the singer’s first solo album in two years since he released “Purple Rain” in 2017 as a part of BTOB’s solo project.

The upcoming album will also be the singer’s last album to release before enlisting in the military. As it is his way of saying goodbye to his fans, the singer reportedly put all his time and effort into both producing and writing the tracks.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
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AOA’s Seolhyun In Talks For New Drama With Yang Se Jong And Woo Do Hwan

On January 2, it was reported that the AOA member is likely to star as the female lead of JTBC’s upcoming historical drama “My Country” (literal title).

In response, her agency FNC Entertainment commented, “Seolhyun received an offer to star in JTBC’s new drama ‘My Country.’ She is positively considering it.”

“My Country” is a historical action drama that takes place between the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty. The drama follows conflicts that arise due to the desire for power and protection. Seolhyun has received an offer to take on the role of Han Hee Jae, an intelligent woman with impressive martial arts abilities.

Previously, it was confirmed that Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan are starring in the drama. “My Country” is scheduled to air in the second half of 2019 via JTBC.

source: @kdrama_news, soompi, naver 1 2

Her last drama was 'Orange Marmalade' in 2015. I know she's "in talks", but seems like she'll accept. I'm interested to see how much she's improved! Hopefully she'll be better than Joy, because Woo Do Hwan will not survive a second Tempted. (Given that the script is good ofc).
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Actor Son Seung Won Arrested For Drunk Driving And Hit-And-Run Incident

On January 2, chief judge Lee Un Hak of the Seoul Central District Court issued an arrest warrant for Son Seung Won under the Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes for fleeing the scene of an accident. This followed an interrogation and investigation to determine the validity of the warrant.

Judge Lee Un Hak said, “The court recognizes the crime, as well as the reason and necessity for the arrest.”

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul previously filed a preliminary arrest warrant for Son Seung Won on charges of fleeing the scene, dangerous driving, driving under the influence, and driving without a license. These are violations of traffic laws which were approved by the Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office.

This is the fourth time Son Seung Won has been caught driving under the influence. According to police, the actor was drunk driving around 4:20 a.m. KST on December 26 in the neighborhood of Chungdam when he crashed his car into another vehicle.

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IU's company Kakao M is acquiring acting agency Blossom Entertainement (Song Joongki, Park Bogum)

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SM artists to stage joint concerts in Chile

Top-rung K-pop artists from the leading talent agency SM Entertainment will team up to stage joint concerts in Santiago, Chile, this month, the agency said Thursday.

The concerts, "SMTOWN SPECIAL STAGE in Santiago," will take place on Jan. 18-19 at the national stadium in Santiago, the biggest concert stage in Chile, according to SM.

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source: Yonhap News
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Best selling Albums in Hanteo's 2018 Yearly Chart (Overall, Female, Male, Rookie)

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Hanteo counts the albums sold from physical + online distributors.
This post is to inform, discuss and celebrate!

"The Last Empress" tops weekly TV chart

SBS's drama series "The Last Empress," starring actress Jang Na-ra, topped the weekly TV program chart, closely followed by the tvN drama "Memories of the Alhambra," data showed Thursday.

The SBS program, aired every Wednesday and Thursday, began its 48-episode series on Nov. 21 with a modest viewership rating in the seven percent range but has since steadily gained popularity to surpass 16 percent in viewership.

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I've been trying hard to get into The Last Empress because I love all the actors, but I can't. It's not doing anything for me =\

source: Yonhap News & KOCOWA TV