January 4th, 2019

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190104 Music Bank

Winners Announcement

[Nominees & Point Categories]





Digital Sales (디지덜 음원 점수) 1869 2446
Viewers Choice (시청자 전호도 점수) 510 549
Broadcast Score (방송 점수) 276 391
Physical Album Sales (음반 점수) 6400 217
Final Total 9055 3603

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sources: KBSKpop / zeze

Swamp of Despair is such a terrible title for a song. Luna looks glowing!
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Ex-Cross Gene member Takuya signs with new company

On January 4, the agency Different Company announced that they have signed an exclusive contract with Takuya.

Different Company is a new management agency that houses actors including Lee Young Jin and Oh Haneui, and it operates both a domestic agent business for a large entertainment company in Japan as well as a business for the IP licensing of original works.

A source from the agency said, “As a management agency, with the foundation of our deep trust with Takuya, we will be wholeheartedly supporting his activities in Korea and Japan in order to show his charm and potential.”

In the future, Takuya is planning to continue being active in various ways in the entertainment industry, including modeling and taking part in variety shows both in Korea and abroad.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver

Flashback Friday

First Friday of 2019! Happy New Year guys! Every week I check out the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more songs from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s see who was on top for the 1st Friday of January, 2011.

#3 Monday Kiz “Love and Memory”
This is their cover of g.o.d’s hit song from 1999. It’s a really good cover! It’s not completely identical to the original song, but still has the same feel to it. Just a little updated. And the vocals here are sooo much stronger. Still love me some Kim Tae Woo vocals tho lol. It feels like an end of the year, wintry song.

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source: GrooveOverDoseTV2, joojype, kopxpert1, min gjie, ygconcert & mnet
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Seventeen to comeback on Jan 21st (in seventeen days heh)

A source from Pledis Entertainment said, “SEVENTEEN will be making a comeback on [January] 21. We are currently in the last stages of working on the album and we are working hard to prepare well.”

They already finished the jacket shoot (which we know thanks to Dino's spoiler in their vlive heh) and are currently working on their upcoming MV filming.

source: balloon_wanted, naver, soompi, MBN, @soompi

It's not mentioned yet what kind of album they will release, but with it being so soon, I'm tipping on a mini album. What do you guys think? And what musical direction will they go this time?

Simply K-Pop Girl Groups Special

With: (G)I-DLE((여자)아이들) / GWSN(공원소녀) / NATURE(네이처) / fromis_9(프로미스나인) / LOONA(이달의 소녀) / Weki Meki(위키미키) / DREAMCATCHER(드림캐쳐)

[setlist]- DREAMCATCHER(드림캐쳐) _ Chase Me
- DREAMCATCHER(드림캐쳐) _ Fly high(날아올라)
- DREAMCATCHER(드림캐쳐) _ What
- Weki Meki(위키미키) _ I don't like your Girlfriend
- Weki Meki(위키미키) _ Crush _ Ep.344 _ 010419
- LOONA / ODD EYE CIRCLE(이달의 소녀 / 오드아이써클)
- LOONA / yyxy(이달의 소녀 / yyxy) _ love4eva
- LOONA(이달의 소녀) _ Hi High
- fromis_9(프로미스나인) _ To Heart
- fromis_9(프로미스나인) _ LOVE BOMB
- NATURE(네이처) _ Allegro Cantabile(너의 곁으로)
- NATURE(네이처) _ SOME(썸) (You'll Be Mine)
- GWSN(공원소녀) _ Puzzle Moon(퍼즐문)
- (G)I-DLE((여자)아이들) _ LATATA(라타타)
- K-Pop Idols' New Year's greetings (PENTAGON, GFRIEND, JBJ95, EXID ...)

source: ARIRANG TV
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VAV Baron's mother passed away

On January 3, VAV delivered the unfortunate news of Baron’s mother’s passing. The funeral procession will take place on January 4, and the funeral will proceed quietly in private following the wishes of Baron’s family.

Baron debuted through VAV in 2015 with “Under the Moonlight.” Last July, VAV celebrated their 1,000-day debut anniversary. They’ve been actively promoting domestically, and they even completed a tour in eight cities in Europe.

This is their official statement below:

"Hello, this is A TEAM.
Our heart is heavy to deliver such unfortunate news from the beginning of the new year.
VAV’s Baron’s mother passed away last night on [January] 1.
Baron is with his family at the funeral spending his last moments with his mother.
Due to the wishes of the family of the deceased, the funeral will occur quietly in private, and the funeral procession is expected to take place on the morning of [January] 4.
Please send a lot of encouragement and condolences so that Baron can recover with strength.
We pray that she may rest in peace."

source: soompi, naver, @soompi

My sincerest condolences to Baron and his mother's loved ones. May she rest in peace.
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B1A4's CNU to enlist on January 22nd

Hello, this is WM Entertainment.

B1A4’s CNU recently received his draft notice. As a Korean male citizen, he decided to enlist as an active duty soldier on January 22 to fulfill his mandatory military duties.

At this time, we ask for your understanding as CNU will not be able to participate in the scheduled events that take place abroad.

Please send your encouragement to CNU that he may complete his duty safely and return more matured.

Thank you.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
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(G)I-DLE To Star In Their First Reality Show Since Debut

CUBE Entertainment announced the launch of (G)I-DLE’s first reality show “To Neverland.” It will be a travel program that features all six members of (G)I-DLE and will begin airing mid-January.

The agency partnered up with CJ ENM’s music digital studio M2 and makeup brand Kaja for the group’s first-ever reality show. With “To Neverland,” the rookie idol members hope to show different and new sides of themselves that the public hasn’t gotten a chance to see yet.

source: @soompi, soompi, osen
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Running Man is getting a Vietnamese Version

The Vietnamese version of “Running Man” will begin filming in Vietnam at the end of January. The show is scheduled to broadcast on HTV7, Vietnam’s terrestrial TV channel with the highest viewership ratings, starting April 6, and the show will air every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ICT.

The stellar cast consists of popular actor Tran Thanh, who is the husband of Vietnam’s top star and Vietnamese-Korean singer Hari Won, actor and singer Ngo Kien Huy, actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, actor and singer Jun Pham, comedian BB Tran, actor and singer Truong The Vinh, and actor Lien Binh Phat. The casting news has garnered a lot of attention from the public as these top celebrities have all been acknowledged as some of the most popular stars in their respective fields.

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source: @OH_mes, @soompi, soompi, naver

All my Vietnamese Omonians, are you interested in/excited for this?
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iKON - The New Kids Repackage Tracklist + Teaser Vids (Donghyuk, B.I)

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Jo Jung Suk, Han Ye Ri, And Yoon Shi Yoon Confirmed For Upcoming SBS Sageuk

On January 3, a source confirmed that the three actors will be working together for the upcoming drama “Ugeumchi” (working title).

The drama will tell a story of two brothers who have different mothers but share the same father. They get separated during a riot that is now known as the Donghak Peasant’s Movement in 1894, where religious leaders of Donghak (translates to “Eastern Religion”) and the peasants of Jeolla Province joined forces together against the government that was pushing for the growth of Catholicism at the time.

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“Ugeumchi” is written by Jung Hyun Min of “Jeong Do Jeon” and “Assembly” and will be directed by Shin Kyung Soo of “Three Days” and “Six Flying Dragons.” It is set to air early 2019 as SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver

Interested to see how JJS fares in sageuk, I've never watched him in such a role.
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T-ara’s Hyomin Announces Plans For Solo Comeback

On January 4, Hyomin announced that she would be kicking off the new year by releasing a new digital single. Not only will she be dropping the upcoming single “U Um U Um” on January 20, but she is also planning to release her third solo mini album in February.

A representative of Hyomin’s agency remarked, “Hyomin is currently hard at work preparing for the release of this new single and the release of her mini album next month. She will be taking on a new genre for this comeback, and it will be a song that allows people to discover an entirely new side of Hyomin.”

Meanwhile, Hyomin revealed on Instagram that “‘U Um U Um’ is a song that I first started recording in August of last year,” referring to the single as “a gift for the new year.”

source: @soompi, soompi, hyominnn, osen
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Pink Ladies sing an amazing Disney (+ Anastacia) soundtrack medley

Paige O’Hara - Belle (Beauty and the Beast OST)
Mandy Moore - When will my life begin (Tangled OST)(라푼젤)
Auli’I Cravalho - How Far I’ll Go (Moana OST)
Jodi Benson - Part of your world (The Little Mermaid and Friends OST)
Lea Salonga, Brad Kane - A whole new world (Aladdin OST)
Liz Callaway – Journey to the past (Anastacia OST)
Mandy Moore , Zachary Levi – I See the Light (Tangled OST)(라푼젤)
Idina Menzel – Let it go (Frozen OST)(겨울왕국)
Susan Egan, Vaneese Thomas, Cheryl Freeman, LaChanze, Lillias White – I won’t say I’m in love (Hercules OST)
Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad – Ring in the Season (Olaf’s Frozen Adventure OST)

The females of POPSICAL, Pink Ladies covering our favourite Disney sound tracks in an amazing medley! All members are vocally trained and majority have musical acting experience!
OD Entertainment, where Pink Ladies are from are an entertainment company that are for musical actors. However, they will be challenging a musical idol concept with both a girl and boy group. Their "idols" are called POPSICAL.

source: OD Entertainment, balloon_wanted 1 2

Musical Pop group?! HERE FOR THIS! What are your favorite animated movie songs?
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g.o.d and Park Jinyoung to reunite for upcoming 20th anniversary album

source: balloon_wanted, naver
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ZICO sets up his own one-person agency KOZ (King of the Zungle)

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"King of Masked Singer"-format sold to over 20 different countries + ratings for US-premiere are out

source: OH_mes, naver, hollywoodreporter

'The Masked Singer' on FOX had its premiere yesterday and was watched by 9.4 million people (3.0 A18-49 rating), meaning it was the highest rated unscripted series launch on TV in seven years (since The X Factor in 2011). Omona, did you watch? How was it?


SoundCloud couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2019. The platform secured the exclusive New Year’s Eve release of the first solo single from BTS star Jimin, Promise, which then broke SoundCloud’s record for the most streams in a track’s first 24 hours.

SoundCloud’s BTS star exclusive comes less than a month after the appointment of music industry veteran Lisa Ellis as its new Global Head of Music & Artist Relations. The new single, which was streamed 8.5 million times in its first 24 hours, surpassed the previous record on SoundCloud of 4.9m achieved by Drake’s Duppy Freestyle in May 2018 – a diss track released in response to a song from Pusha T.

Promise held on to the No.1 spot on both the SoundCloud Top 50 and New & Hot charts for 48 hours following the release across all countries. At the time of writing, Promise has racked up 16.2m streams. The top five countries driving streams included: South Korea, the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan.

Promise was composed by Jimin and BTS producer Slow Rabbit, with lyrics written by Jimin and fellow BTS star RM.

Spotify’s all-time 24 hour record was broken by Mariah Carey‘s All I Want For Christmas Is You on December 24, which racked up 10.8m plays.

source: Music Business Wordlwide, SoundCloud