January 9th, 2019

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Wanna One's Kim Jaehwan to continue his solo activities under Swing Entertainment

Swing Entertainment, which was Wanna One’s agency, announced that Kim Jae Hwan will be managed by the company and also supported by Stone Music Entertainment. Both companies are under CJ ENM, which he signed with in 2017.

The statement is as follows:

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CEO of The Eastlight's agency gets indicted for child abuse

On January 8, Media Line Entertainment’s CEO Kim Chang Hwan was indicted without detention for charges of child abuse and aiding in abuse in accordance to the Child Welfare Act. Recently, producer Moon Young Il was indicted with detention for charges of abuse against former The East Light members Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun.

The controversy surrounding the abuse of the siblings Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Seung Hyun began in October last year. At the time, Lee Seok Cheol reported that he had been assaulted multiple times by producer Moon Young Il and that CEO Kim Chang Hwan had allowed these actions to happen.

However, Kim Chang Hwan denied these allegations. He held a press conference on December 26 with former The East Light members Lee Eun Sung and Jung Sa Gang in which he refuted the allegations of abuse. Following the press conference, Lee Seok Cheol and Lee Sung Hyun refuted the denials during their visit to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The court will make a judgement regarding the sharply divided parties.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
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Carats sharing their hotdogs with IZ*ONE during ISAC filming becomes trending topic

Carats were sitting behind IZ*ONE members, so Sakura looked at them when they received some hotdogs and asked if she could take a bite. (trans.) Carats even wanted to give them their whole hotdogs, but IZ*ONE only had a bite. Later, Seventeen's fan manager gave IZ*ONE some hotdogs and Pepsi.

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Omona, are you the one asking for a bite or the one sharing your food?

LUNA - '안녕 이대로 안녕 (BYE BYE)' MV

“Bye Bye” is a minimalistic acoustic track with a bossa nova rhythm that accentuates Luna’s sweet and emotion vocals. The music video tells the heartwarming story of her pet Bob Yi, ending with the message, “It’s been eight years since I brought you home from the puppy mill you were suffering in. I hope you will continue to be healthy and happy.” The video not only shows Luna spending quality time with her pet, it also includes scenes of her volunteering at a shelter to help other animals in need.

Source: SMTOWN, Soompi
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MBK Ent.’s trademark applications for T-ara in all four applied categories are officially rejected

One whole year later, T-ara and MBK Entertainment trademark dispute comes to a conclusion.

On December 28th, 2017, MBK Entertainment applied for trademark rights on T-ara (티아라) in four categories: 41 (entertainment, etc.), 09 (photography, film, etc.), 03 (cosmetics, etc.), and 25 (clothing, etc.). On June 27th of 2018, KIPRIS refused their application in accordance to Article 34 Section 1 Item 6 of the Trademark Act but the final verdict was yet to be made. On August 27th of 2018, MBK Entertainment applied for an extension of two categories: 41 and 09.

On October 22nd and November 8th of 2018, categories 03 and 25 were officially rejected respectively. On January 3rd of 2019, category 09 was officially rejected. Finally, on January 8th of 2019, category 41 was officially rejected as well.

All applications were rejected on the same grounds, in accordance to Article 34 Section 1 Item 6 of the Trademark Act, that states a trademark that consists of the name, title, portrait, signature, seal/stamp, literary name, pen name, stage name, of a prominent person cannot be registered. The members of T-ara will be able to use their name without interference.

Source: KIPRIS via tiaradiadem

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(Rumor) Exo to debut new subunit in the first half of the year with Chanyeol as a confirmed member

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source: @B_RYEONG48 | @qusqorgus10 via @official_WayV

This is only a rumor for now. What's your dream Exo-subunit? And what songs would they have?