January 29th, 2019

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Eric Nam Announces European Tour

tickets on sale FEB 1

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[TW] Seungri's club Burning Sun under fire after assault scandal allegation

On January 28, MBC’s “News Desk” revealed a CCTV footage of the assault at Burning Sun, a club owned by BIGBANG’s Seungri. The assault took place last year in Gangnam.

Mr. Kim, who claims to be the victim, was allegedly attacked by the security guards at the club but was arrested as the assailant.

Previously, Mr. Kim posted on online community Bobaedream about the incident. He wrote, “On November 24 at Burning Sun, a woman who was being sexual harassed grabbed my shoulder and hid behind me. I asked a security guard for help, but I ended up getting beat up by the security guards and people who seemed like their friends.” He claimed that he was put in handcuffs and taken to the police station, where he was further assaulted by the police. To support his claims, he put up a photo of his bleeding face and another photo of him receiving medical treatment at the hospital. Some of the injuries Mr. Kim suffered included three broken ribs, which would take five weeks to heal completely.

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Till now soompi only reported about Mr. Kim's assault accusations. There are rumors about accusations of men intoxicating women and raping them in the club, the club paying off the police and organized crime. A government petition that over 90K people already signed is asking the government to thoroughly investigate the case and bring out the truth.
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Kitty Announcement: 👑Welcome to Omona's Queendom👑

Following this post, and starting on February 14 (because why not turn this overly commercial holiday into a celebration of fabulous women we all love), Omona will be holding the first Queendom contest.
The goal of this  game will be to elect 5 queens who ruled 2018 and shall reign over Omona for the whole of 2019 until a new Queen alliance takes its place.

We will be electing 5 Queens in total:
- 1 Soloist
- 1 Girl Group representative (only one member out of a group - doesn't have to be the leader)
- 1 Actress
- 1 Comedian
- 1 nugu queen (an actress, comedian or singer who debuted within the past 2 years - don't make me check I'm lazy)

As mentioned previously, being sexy isn't the only factor, your fave will be judged on
- Her physique: is she the prettiest/sexiest of them all?
- Personality: is she funny, cute, dorky?
- Talent: that one speaks for itself
- And versatility: can she sing, write & compose? Does she venture outside of k-entertainment (example: queen Uhm Jung Hwa started her own lingerie business). Is she the Queen we all admire and aspire to be when we grow up?

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Kitty's note: This is not a nomination post
Don't be shy, ask question and offer a few modifications (if you feel something's wrong). I can't promise to include them all but I'm open to making last minute adjustments.


Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min Confirmed for MBC Drama

“Spring Night” is about a couple that has been together for a long time. When the topic of marriage comes up, they begin to re-evaluate their relationship. All of that is complicated when potential new love interests appear, and they start to realize what their real feelings are.

Han Ji Min's role is that of a research librarian, and Jung Hae In will be playing the young, hot pharmacist who has appeared in her life recently as a possible romantic partner.

The drama is Jung Hae In's reunion with PD Ahn Pan Seok and writer Kim Eun from “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food.” Wednesday-Thursday drama “Spring Night” is set to air on MBC, starting this May.

Sources: Soompi/Naver | Dramabeans/Dailian

Eh at the Pretty Noona reunion, hopefully this drama will actually have a plot.