January 30th, 2019


Preview for "Touch Your Heart"

Lee Dong Wook will play a high-flying workaholic attorney named Kwon Jung Rok. He’s the perfect man, and is above all things professional. He regards his work as being sacred and this attitude makes him very popular with both his clients and his law firm. Yoo In Na will play Oh Jin Shim, his secretary. She’s no ordinary secretary though, she’s hiding her true identity—Hallyu star actress. After becoming entangled in a dating scandal, she was forced to retire from the industry. Though she was well-known for her beauty, our heroine was notorious for her terrible acting skills. In order to silence her acting critics and make a splashy comeback, our Hallyu star decides to take a break in the “real world,” which is how she ends up a secretary. Oh Jin Shim is described as not quite grounded in reality and lacking common sense. She tends to treat everything like a scene out of a drama. She’s a little wacky, but charming and lovely nonetheless.

Lee Sang Woo will portray a handsome prosecutor named Kim Se Won, while Son Sung Yoon will play the part of a “girl crush” prosecutor named Yoo Yeo Reum. These ex-lovers are Kwon Jung Rok’s best friends who became acquainted in college and at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. The drama is directed by PD Park Joon-hwa (What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Because This Is My First Life).

"Touch Your Heart" premieres Wednesday, January 30 on tvN.

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Key Joins Kakaotalk Group Chat, Talks SKY Castle, Promotes Concert

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I live for Key making fun of Taemin and for hopping on Kakaotalk basically to talk about a drama. His new movie "Hit and Run Squad" is out now!
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SM Entertainment Enters Into Strategic Partnership Agreement With China's Tencent Music

On January 30, SM Entertainment announced, “We recently entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Tencent Music that includes music distribution and marketing in the Chinese market.”

As per the partnership, several music-related content such as the music tracks and music videos of SM Entertainment’s artists including EXO, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, Red Velvet, and NCT will be distributed and marketed in China through various online and offline channels.

Regarding the agreement, SM’s CEO Han Se Min stated, “Our partnership with China’s biggest online music entertainment platform holds great meaning as our company’s sales on global platforms are rapidly growing. Through the agreement of the distribution of contents like music tracks and music videos, we will distribute our content in the Chinese music market and move forward with strong marketing collaborations.”

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Former U-Kiss member Kibum revealed to be married with a child

Another former member of U-KISS has started his own family!

Kibum, who is also known as the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun, debuted with U-KISS in 2008 and left the group in 2011. He is currently working as a businessman under the name Allen Kim.

On January 30, it was reported that he has gotten married to a Japanese businesswoman and welcomed their first son on January 18.

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Third (ex)-member of U-Kiss to become a father!
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Six male trainees sue their female agency head and a company investor for sexual harassment

Previously, it was reported (soompi link) that six male trainees, some of whom participated in “Produce 101 Season 2,” filed a complaint against the female head of their agency (hereafter referred to as “A”) and the wife of her younger brother, who is also an investor in her company (hereafter “B”), for sexual harassment.

Four other trainees were witness to the scene, two of whom are minors. The six trainees pursuing legal action as well as the four witnesses recently requested an interview with media outlet YTN Star. One trainee’s father, who acted as the guardian and representative of the parents, was also present.

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Burning Sun Club issues statements in response to controversies

On January 28, MBC’s “News Desk” aired a report about an assault at the club, which is owned by BIGBANG’s Seungri. The victim Mr. Kim stated that when he was attempting to help a woman who was being sexually harassed at the club, he was beaten by security guards. He said that when police arrived, he was arrested as an assailant and also assaulted by the police.

On January 29, Burning Sun Entertainment issued a statement regarding the assault incident at the club. The letter is signed by CEOs Lee Sung Hyun and Lee Moon Ho, who apologized and stated that a staff member has been dismissed over the events.

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The prior post covered most of this already, but now there are professional and complete translations for most of it and there are some updates as well.
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2AM's Jeong Jinwoon to enlist on March 4th

2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon has confirmed his military enlistment date.

On January 29, his agency Mystic Entertainment confirmed, “Jeong Jinwoon has been accepted to the military band and will therefore enlist on March 4. Before he enlists, he will greet fans through a concert in late-February.”

Jeong Jinwoon will be the last 2AM member to enlist. The first member to enlist was Lee Changmin, who was discharged in 2014. Im Seulong enlisted in November 2017 and Jo Kwon in August 2018.

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
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JYP Entertainment to collaborate with Sony Music to launch Japanese GIrl Group

Previously, Park Jin Young had discussed the future of the agency and how they hope to expand and adapt to the ever-changing industry. During the discussion, he had come up with four plans, and this one will be included in the plan of “globalization by localization.”

He explained, “If K-pop in the first stage was to export Korean content overseas, and the second stage was to find overseas talent and mix it with Korean artists, then the next step is to foster and produce talent directly from overseas.”

At the time, he mentioned their first project BOY STORY, a six-member Chinese boy group, and had revealed that a girl group with all Japanese members is being prepared. On February 7, Park Jin Young will hold a press conference at the headquarters of Sony Music in Tokyo to reveal his ideas and prospects for the Japanese girl group. Afterwards, JYP Entertainment will hold large auditions inside and outside of Japan this summer.

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Jo Jung Suk talks about life after marriage with Gummy

In a recent interview, Jo Jung Suk shared details on his married life with Gummy.

Last October, Jo Jung Suk and Gummy announced their marriage. During an interview for the release of his film 'Hit-and-Run Squad', he was asked about the marriage. In response, he shyly shared, “We are living well after marriage. We are doing well.” The actor also explained, “We are both busy, so we still have not gone on our honeymoon. We do have plans. We are definitely planning to go on a honeymoon, but the detailed schedule is still undecided. We will probably have to go after audience greeting sessions for ‘Hit-and-Run Squad.'”

Instead of an extravagant wedding, the couple decided to have a promise ceremony. The actor explained, “The two of us wanted to do it this way. We wanted to do it together with both our parents. We did it this way since this is what we decided when we were dating.”

Jo Jung Suk also commented, “I think the best part about being married is having a stable life.”

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Shinwha's Eric tries to get tickets for his own fanmeeting and (spoiler) fails

(video is subbed by Eric)

Hello, this is Eric from aguTV.
Congratulations to those who were successful in today's ticketing, for those who failed, you have worked hard. In conclusion, I failed in the ticketing. That's why it's a pity but I will not be able to go to the fanmeeting on 2/16. Since I failed in getting tickets.
For those who succeeded, this may be nothing much but since you are going, I hope you come and have a fun and enjoyable time. As for me, I will be drinking a can of beer and going to bed afterwards. So good night everyone~

ps. I am intending to add subtitles to this video. I wanted you guys to be able to watch this first hence I uploaded it without subtitles. If at any time the title of this video changes, it means I have added subtitles.

p.s I wanted to experience the hard work of the ticketing war myself and be able to sympathize with you all, that is why I participated in the ticketing this time. For many of those who failed in getting tickets today, including myself, this video is dedicated to you guys.

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d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

TAEMIN - WANT: Teaser 3 & Schedule

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He was also on IDOL ROOM LIVE today! You can watch it subbed here :D

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UPDATE: the genre for the new song has been described as space disco