February 14th, 2019

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[CLOSED] 👑OMONA'S QUEENDOM👑: Nominations post


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The rules:

👑 Include only one person per nomination.
      Please include their names and the category they'll be competing for in the title.
      Please note that your princess can only compete under 1 category.
      Please nominate her for the category that is the most representative of her 2018 activities.
      (It would  be nice to let the non-idol actress shine a little if possible).
      If a princess ends up being nominated in several categories she will only compete for 1
      (where she had the most +1). So choose wisely.
      I would advise to nominate the nugus in their own category, so they have more chance to shine.

👑 Go through all the nominations to check if your fave hasn't already been nominated.
      If so, add +1 under the original user comment.

👑 You can provide pictures you want me to use for the rest of the game, as well as an introduction text.
      Remember that being sexy isn't the only criteria.
      If you plan to include more than one picture/gif/video please use a spoiler

👑 Number of nominees is limited to 32 ladies for GG rep (and gg rep only)
      and 16 ladies for the other categories.
      The quota does not apply to categories that received a low number of responses.


The nomination round lasts 72 hours. It will close on Saturday (late night)
Have fun & celebrate women

NomNomNominations are now closed, thank you for your participation

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Companies divided over wether iKON's Yunhyeong and Momoland's Daisy are dating

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Microdot’s Parents Are Actively Seeking Settlements With Fraud Victims


Microdot’s parents are making a concerted effort to figure out a way to handle the consequenced of their past fraudulent activities. According to several different reports, the parents of Microdot, whose real name is Shin Jae-ho, have reached out to several of their victims seeking an agreement.

A source with the Jeju police force confirmed this news, telling media outlets that they had submitted paperwork regarding these settlements. However, there are still other victims who have not reached a consensus with them.

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GOT7 Real Thai episode 5 [fin]

(click screencap to watch episode)

Source: kshow123

GOT7's Real Thai:
Ep1 | Ep2 | Ep3 | Ep4 | Ep5

In the last episode(!?) GOT4 go in search for the remaining sacred objects, Bambam has both a scary and a #deep moment and in the end a hard-working thai ahgase gets a surprise (but since it's GOT7, ofc there's also pranking involved).

Noooooooo I'm sad this is the last episode. I thought we'd have more, this seems so abrupt! What a refreshing combo from GOT7 to see in variety for a change, and what great advertisement for Thailand lol (I mean, I wish they hadn't been split up as much but, oh well).

I can't find any gifs but here, have this screencap of Jinyoung. You're welcome.