February 16th, 2019

Aggretsuko - sad Retsuko

Dreamcatcher Company Apologizes For Using Dreadlocks As A Game Punishment

Source: @hf_dreamcatcher

Vlive took down the original video, but you can see it here at the 22 minute mark. It looks like it's braids rather than dreadlocks, but the combination of the hair and Handong's change in mannerisms is nagl :/ If the company is trying to be more understanding of sensitive issues, I hope they recognize that the name and logo for Dreamcatcher is also culturally appropriative.

BTS announced as Funko Pops

During this weekend's national toyfair it was revealed that the members of BTS were announced as Funkos and will be available individually or in a 7 pack exclusive to Barnes & Noble.

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Sources: @OriginalFunko & @BNBuzz on twitter.

I wonder if this hints at what styling choices they'll do for the dolls.....
d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

Rumour: PRODUCE 101 S.4/BRODUCE S.2 Agencies Taking Part

source: @PRODUCEX101MNET

I don't follow produce but I'm surprised at some of these companies since a lot just debuted boy groups. Guess they held on to a few more specifically for this. Any guesses on if any groups that have already debuted will join like NUEST did?