March 12th, 2019


YG’s Stocks Drop After News Of Seungri Being Booked + Other Agencies’ Stocks Also Fall


YG Entertainment’s stocks plunged following news of the police booking BIGBANG member Seungri.

On March 11 at 2:40 p.m. KST, YG’s stock prices fell 6700 won (approximately $5.90) and 15.61 percent to 36,850 won (approximately $32.47). YG’s stocks decreased for five days in a row starting February 26, when the first report about Seungri allegedly seeking sexual escort services for foreign investors was released. On March 8, YG’s stocks rose back to 43,000 won (approximately $37.89), but their stocks are falling again following news of the police booking Seungri on March 10.

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Dispatch releases new report about Jung Joon Young's chatrooms with illegal hidden camera footage

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Source: Naver via Soompi, @Soompi

Police Ban Jung JoonYoung from Leaving the Country + Book Him on Charges

Jung Joon Young, who received accusations of secretly taking videos of sexual activity with various women and sharing them in a group chatroom, has officially been booked.

On March 12, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed, “We booked Jung Joon Young and others in relation to allegations of spreading illegally taken videos this afternoon. We cannot reveal the identities of the other suspects.” According to the police, Jung Joon Young and others were booked on charges of violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Violence Crimes.

Jung Joon Young was abroad filming a variety show at the time of the report, but he returned to Korea on March 12 around 5:30 p.m. KST. The police announced that while they do not have plans to arrest him upon his arrival, they plan to call him in for questioning sometime this week. They also prohibited Jung Joon Young from leaving the country.

Source: Naver 1 2 via Soompi
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Reporter Clarifies That Hongki Was Not Involved In Chatroom With Jung JoonYoung

SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung Yoon has clarified rumors of Lee Hong Ki being in the chatroom with Jung Joon Young that included hidden camera footage.

In the reports from SBS, it was shown that a singer “Lee” said in response to Jung Joon Young sending hidden camera footage, “Enjoy it while you can.” Some netizens then questioned whether FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki is the singer “Lee.”

However, reporter Kang Kyung Yoon, who published the initial reports regarding the chatrooms, clarified on March 12 that “Lee” is not Lee Hong Ki but a member of a different group.

Lee Hong Ki also personally reassured his fans in an open group chat, writing, “I slept and woke up to chaos. Don’t worry.”

source: @soompi, soompi, naver
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Kwon Hyuk Joon (Yuri's brother) under investigation as part of JJY's chatgroup + (TW) more convos

JJY's best friend, SNSD Yuri's brother.. 'Is currently going through all the investigation cooperatively'. He has been introduced on “I Live Alone” as Jung Joon Young’s friend. He is also known as the older brother of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri.

On March 12, he replied to various comments via Instagram. To one comment calling him out, Kwon Hyuk Joon wrote, “Hello to you who is hiding under the shadow of anonymity. I am diligently cooperating with all investigations, and I don’t think you have a right to judge whether or not I can hold my head up with a committed crime.”

He added that he was only included in a work-related KakaoTalk room when starting up Milddang Pocha (romanization), an outdoor establishment run by Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and other friends. He continued, “I do not know anything about the sexual escort services or what is being mentioned in the news.”

In response to another comment, he replied, “Such a long amount of time has passed, and I am very worried as it has become this big issue now. I hope this will not affect my family.” He shared in a reply to a third commented, “I am so apologetic to fans of Yuri. I just considered it as a matter from so long ago and was living in ease. I will reflect on myself more.”

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source: pannatic 1, naver 1 2 3 4, soompi 2, pannatic twitter

Edit: Added the soompi article about the latest revealed conversations.
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FTIsland's Choi Jong Hoon 3rd celeb in the groupchat, FNC deny + Reason JJY was not charged in 2016

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source: goblestone 1 2, IEofgroup, Netizentown, dispatch, pannatic 1 2, soompi, naver, xsportnews, news1

EDIT: FNC's statement: Lee Jonghyun and Choi Jonghoon are NOT related to the controversy in any way and to take legal actions against false rumours
EDIT 2: Added soompi's translation for FNC's statement
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Actress Yoon Ji Oh comes forward during reinvestigation of Jang Ja Yeon's death

A summary of what the case is about:
An inquiry team under the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office is scheduled to announce in late March the results of its reinvestigation into the case of actress Jang Ja-yeon, who died 10 years ago after saying she had been sexually abused by influential people in the media, entertainment and business.

Jang was found hanging at her home on March 7, 2009, with a handwritten note that read, “I am a powerless actress. I want to get out of this agony.”

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source: koreaherald, ohmabella, xportnews, hancinema, nate

Yoon Ji Oh was a witness in the original investigation, but stayed anonymous and never came forward because the police would not offer protection. Now, with her book, she makes the case face a new situation.
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DIA - NEWTRO comeback timetable & tracklist


DIA have released the timetable and tracklist for their upcoming 5-track album, "NEWTRO". The release date has been pushed up from 3/21 to 3/19.

The title track, "U-wah," is produced by Shinsadong Tiger, along with the album's 2nd track. Members Huihyeon, Jueun, and Yebin contributed to the writing, composing, and arranging of the 3rd and 4th tracks. The 5th track is an instrumental of the title track.

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Source: Twitter: dia_official (1, 2)

this is the 2nd time they've pushed up the release date, it was originally 3/28... i'm excited for new DIA but i hope mbk isn't rushing the release too much :/
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[RUMOUR] D.O to not renew contract with SM + SM denies rumour.

source: naver 1 2 via @theseoulstory 1 2

mods ignore the last post. it's been a rollercoaster of an hour. maybe now we'll get 5 mins without people begging for a tour.