March 14th, 2019


An interview with Kang Kyung Yoon, the journalist we all need to be stanning

On March 12, Kang Kyung Yoon, the reporter who released the initial reports on Kakaotalk chatrooms including Seungri and Jung Joon Young, participated in an interview to explain more in detail about the ongoing controversy.

Kang Kyung Yoon started the interview by explaining the steps she has taken so far. The reporter said, “I brought up the allegations of Seungri lobbying to investors by offering sexual favors as bribes last month. Since then, I reported on how the original text messages [that contained the evidence] were procured by the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission and a chatroom including Seungri and other male celebrities that involved the sharing of hidden camera videos and photos.”

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Source: Soompi via VIDEOMUG

Words can't express how much I admire her skills, professionalism and most of all - bravery.
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another one bites the dust: Junhyung leaves Highlight, admits that he knew about JJY's videos

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Sources: @theseoulstory, naver, @pannatic, @bigbadboii

Place your bets, who's next?

2 Former Girl Group Members Open Up About Agency’s Inhumane Treatment

KBS JOY’s “Coin Law Room” recently gained attention for featuring two former girl group members on the show.

With cast members Song Eun Yi and Moon Se Yoon, “Coin Law Room” is a show where people are able to come into a room and meet with a lawyer to talk about their cases and receive a consultation.

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Source: Naver via Soompi
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GOOD NEWS: Park Bom Tops International iTunes Charts With “Spring”

Fans around the world are loving Park Bom’s return!

Park Bom’s new single album “Spring”  was released on March 13, and as of March 14 at 1 p.m. KST, the song  had taken No. 1 in the K-pop category for iTunes top songs charts in 11  countries including Chile, Turkey, and Portugal. In Vietnam, Singapore,  and Cambodia, it also took No. 1 on the overall iTunes top songs charts. Other songs from her album such as “My Lover” and “Embarrassed” also  ranked high on charts.

“Spring” topped domestic realtime charts as well, proving her popularity in Korea.

Meanwhile, Park Bom will be performing live on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on March 14.

Congratulations to Park Bom!

Source: Soompi, Naver

OP: What are your thoughts on Spring? And are you looking forward to her live stage?
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Korea Police Commissioner General reveals plans for investigation of corruption in the force

On March 14, Min Gap Ryong, the Commissioner General of the Korean National Police Agency, attended a meeting for the National Assembly Public Administration and Security Council. During the meeting, he revealed further plans to investigate the alleged ties between the police and various controversies involving the club Burning Sun.

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Source: Naver via Soompi

Definitely opened the Pandora’s Box

Four Treasure Island official: Choi Jonghun to retire from industry, Lee Hongki responds to cray fan

Choi Jong Hoon To Leave FTISLAND And Retire From Industry
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Hongki @ defensive fan: "time to give up"
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sources: soompi, naver, dukh00 (from Hongki's instagram)

Jail time when?

Burning Sons mini news round-up

Park Han Byul’s husband Yoo In Suk, Seungri’s business partner and CEO of Yuri Holdings, arrived at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on March 14 to be investigated for various charges with recent controversies.

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Sources: Naver (1, 2, 3) and Sisa Journal (1, 2) via Soompi (1, 2, 3)

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