March 22nd, 2019

Bae of all baes Matsumoto Jun.

Burning Sons news round-up (21/03/2019)

MBC reports additional information about Burning Sun employee "Anna" + alleged distribution of drugs

MBC’s “Newsdesk” has revealed additional information about “Anna,” an MD (merchandiser, also known as promoter) at the club Burning Sun.

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Bae of all baes Matsumoto Jun.

MBC reports more information on tax evasion investigation on YG Entertainment and Yang Hyun Suk

MBC’s “Newsdesk” has shed more light on the potential allegations of tax evasion Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment are currently facing.

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Source: Naver (1, 2) via Soompi

burninghousebom.gif and also this is probably a no on the BP March comeback now? Unless they’re still pushing through lol

Mini Blackpink round up

Jennie Says She’s Excited For BLACKPINK’s Comeback, Talks About Being “Human Chanel”

March 22, Dazed magazine revealed new photos from their shoot with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, to be featured in the magazine’s April issue.

Jennie, who rocks the luxury fashion brand Chanel in the photo shoot, talked about being dubbed “Human Chanel.” Smiling shyly, the BLACKPINK member said, “Chanel is a brand that I’ve always dreamt about. I always thought how amazing it would be to work with Chanel just once, and it’s come true. I’m so happy, and I’m having a lot of fun.”

On BLACKPINK’s impending comeback, Jennie said, “I want to work hard on it, and I can’t wait to show [what we’ve prepared] for everyone.”

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d.o. ☆call me baby comeback.

CHEN: April, and a Flower - Album Details

Album Details Summary:
2 Versions + 1 Kihno Version: Flower and April
Bookmark + Photo Cards for each

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source: @weareoneEXO |

April, and a Flower DEBUT KEY
Pre-Release Schedule
☔ Album Details

Flashback Friday

Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s see what we were listening to in the 4th week of March, 2012. This year was really iffy for me, I actually don’t remember any of these songs this week. Maybe you remember more.

#3 2AM “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me”
This was the single off of their second Korean EP. It looks like the group spend the rest of 2012 promoting in Japan. I would also like an explanation of the EP’s title, if anyone knows why it’s called “F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love”. What does that mean?

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Preview for "Kill It"

"Kill It" is about a determined police detective named Do Hyun-jin (played by Nana) who’s trying to chase down the culprit behind a series of murders. She’s dedicated her life to saving others but she also has a personal investment in solving the murders–she believes her boyfriend may have died at the hands of the culprit. Detective Do’s foil is Kim Soo-hyun (played by Jang Ki Yong). He’s a veterinarian dedicated to caring for animals by day, but his other job? Elite hitman hired by shadowy figures all over the world. He’s the best killer money can buy, and while he can finish off any mission with ease, he can’t remember his own past.

Directing for the drama will be done by PD Nam Sung-woo who previously worked on 100 Days My Prince. Writing will be a joint effort by writers Sohn Hyun-soo and Choi Myung-jin.

"Kill It" premieres Saturday, March 22 on OCN.

Sources: ocn | Dramabeans/Ten Asisa | Dramabeans

I've been in a drama slump for months but I'm super looking forward to this drama! The leads have great chemistry and I really hope it's great!

Preview for "Confession"

“Confession” is a new crime investigation drama about people attempting to uncover veiled truths that are hidden behind the law of double jeopardy. Junho will star as Choi Do Hyun, a man who ends up becoming a lawyer in the hopes of saving his convicted father from the death penalty, while Yoo Jae Myung will star as Ki Choon Ho, a former detective who refuses to accept a verdict from five years earlier. Nam Gi Ae will be playing the mysterious office manager for Junho’s one-man law firm. Shin Hyun Bin will be playing a journalist-turned-staff member of Junho’s law firm.

"Confession" premieres Saturday, March 23 on tvN.

Sources: Soompi | tvN DRAMA
I love arm

He is Psychometric Ep 3-4 Discussion Post

SynopsisA boy who is able to read the secrets of those whose skin comes into contact with him, and a girl who does everything she can to hide her pain. In the drama, the boy and girl will meet and try to fix, heal, grow, and love from the small and big occurrences that happen in their lives.

Cast: Park Jin Young, Shin Ye-Eun, Kim Kwon, Kim Da-Som,
Noh Jong-Hyun, Ko Yoon-Jung, Kim Hyo-Jin, Park Chul-Min, Sa Kang,
Jang Eui-Su, Eom Hyo-Seop, Jung Suk-Yong, Lee Jong-Hyuk

Director:  Kim Byung-Soo
Writer: Yang Jin-A
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: March 11 - April 30, 2019
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:30

WATCH HERE: ondramanice | Viki

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Sources: Asianwiki / ondramanice / Viki / GOT7official / JYPACTORS / gif

I feel like this drama is moving fast and slow at the same time, and as a kdrama newbie I just don't know what to expect and they got me too damn invested in the story already!!

Also can someone who isn't biased af towards Jinyoung tell me how you like his acting because I think he's already exceeded my (hopeful yet realistic) expectations, it's just been such a joy to watch him on screen (the whole main cast works great together tbh).

There's a lot to be said but Lee An is still annoyingly charming, stop pushing my buttons!

And I guess I'll be aiming on posting these discussion posts around this time (unless there's objections)

Stray Kids 'Clé 1 : Miroh' Teasers Round-Up

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Miroh M/V out on 25.03.2019 0AM KST. Album out on 25.03.2019 6PM KST.

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The track Chronosaurus is reminding me of a song. It's driving me mad, I think it's a rock song (probably 80s), but I'm unable to get wich one it is.