March 30th, 2019

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German ad slammed for racist portrayal of Asian women, goes viral in Korea

Hornbach, a German home improvement store, has been called on to apologize over a commercial that social media users decried as promoting stereotypes against Asian women.

The controversial commercial depicts several white men doing garden work. They are then encouraged to remove their sweaty, dirty clothing — including underwear — and place it in a box. The 46-second advertisement then cuts to a gray city where an Asian woman purchases one of the bags of dirty clothes, opens it up and inhales deeply. The woman then rolls her eyes back and appears to become aroused while a soundtrack of a woman moaning plays in the background. The commercial ends with a slogan reading: "That's how spring smells."
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sources:, HORNBACH

Twitter user @omniaamo, a Korean living in Germany, has started a petition (linked above) and is keeping the international community updated on this case. Meanwhile Hornbach's PR department has offered to meet up and have an open dialogue with all interested parties to "listen, learn and understand the feelings and anger that arose through this advertisement".