April 9th, 2019


New comic drama series 'My Fellow Citizens!' tops weekly TV chart

My Fellow Citizens!" a new comic drama series starring a member of K-pop band Super Junior, topped the weekly TV chart on its debut week, chart results showed Wednesday.

Debuting on the small screen on April 1, the Monday-Tuesday series garnered a Content Power Index (CPI) score of 286 for the week of April 1-7, landing atop the weekly TV chart compiled jointly by CJ ENM and Nielsen Korea.

Starring Super Junior member Choi Si-won and actress Lee Yoo-young, the drama by KBS2 comically features a con man's accidental marriage with a police woman and rise in the political ladder to eventually work to promote social justice.

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I'm trying to get into The Fiery Priest, but nothing's grabbing my attention yet =/

source: Yonhap News & KBS WORLD TV

Preview for "Her Private Life"

"Her Private Life" will tell a love story with a fun premise of the female lead Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) leading a double life of being a professional art gallery curator and an idol fan, along with her prickly boss. Kim Jae Wook will star as her brusque boss Ryan Gold, who ends up finding out about her hobby and eventually becomes a fan of Sung Duk Mi himself.

Sung Duk Mi’s friend Nam Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun) runs a judo dojo and isn’t quite sure if his feelings for her are that of friendship or love. He’s known Duk Mi since birth and the two grew up together like real siblings. Although he himself is not a fanboy, he has been the brains behind the fangirl adventures of his friends and is well-versed in fandom history. Media artist Choi Da In (Hong Seo Young) feels a sense of possessiveness for Ryan Gold, and things are set to get complicated for the quartet.

There is also a set of characters who come from Sung Duk Mi’s fandom world. Sung Duk Mi is a home master of a fan page called SiNaGil for Cha Si Ahn (ONE), and her love for him is expressed in the phrase, “His existence alone is so precious to me.” Against her is her home master rival Cindy (Kim Bo Ra), while her close friend Lee Sun Joo (Park Jin Joo) is her fandom friend since high school who is also running the fan page with her. They met through shared fandom interests and have been friends for over 10 years.

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"Her Private Life" premieres Wednesday, April 10 on tvN.

Sources: tvN DRAMA | Soompi/Naver | Dramabeans/SE Daily | The Kdramaholic | @kdrama_news | @NetizenDrama

Really excited for this! How is KJW so handsome???
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Kang Xiwon - Click Click Music Video

Kang Xiwon (Siwon) placed 36th in Produce 101, losing in the eighth episode by one rank to Lee Suhyun who went on to place 13th. She was signed to Dream T immediately after, then was announced as a member of predebut group UNI, and is now debuting solo under TNK.

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source: 1theK, Mnet Official (2), THE K-POP : SBS PLUS, KBSKpop

i'm honestly really happy to see her FINALLY debut (yu sua next!) and her skills have skyrocketed which is awesome but i have a lot of questions for this 'sohn jisoo' who directed this low budget mess of a video, and for whoever picked this song
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Jo In Sung Opens Up About Being Arrogant In The Past & The Future Hardship His Girlfriend Will Get

-Said that the actor Jo In Sung isn't advantageous in his real life, & says that it might be overwhelming to his partner when it comes to dating too.
-Also says that people think he can meet girls easily but it's not like that. He said that a relationship with no pressure will be better for his partner.
-Basically if someone wants to be his girlfriend they'll have a hard time because he's Jo In Sung, and that there's nothing he can do if he continues to fight against such things and continue to overcome.
-Meanwhile his fans don't care and want that 'hard life'. Do you think he will end up with a celeb or a someone not in the industry Omona? Or do you want that Hard life as well?
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