April 11th, 2019

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Yesung under fire in Japan for taking a photo on railway tracks.


The issue started when Yesung, who was travelling around Osaka, uploaded a photo of himself stading on the railway tracks next to a small train station. He uploaded the picture and tweeted it with the comment "On the railway tracks".

Fans replied to the photo saying "It's forbidden to stand on the tracks, please delete this picture!" and "It's forbidden to enter the tracks. It'll become an issue so please delete the photo!".

The station where the photo was taken is unknown but it thought to be somewhere along the Hankai Line.

After Yesung had deleted the tweet fans were seen commenting "Thankfully Yesung deleted the tweet", "I'm afraid this will become an issue...", "Thankfully he deleted the picture before it got noticed and became an issue" and "The speed of the cooperation between ELFs and Yesung!! I can relax now."

In 2017 the talent Matsumoto Iyo and Hayami Yu entered a railway track in Kyoto and they were accused of breaking the Railway Operations Act and had their case sent to the prosecutors.

If found guilty of breaking such law one can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 years in prison or a fine up to 200.000 yen ( 〜$1800).

Source: Breaking News Japan, translation by me.

All the jpn comments on the post are all about protecting Yesung... ugh

promiSINGER with ONEUS

promiSINGER is a show-mentary (variety show + mini-docu) starring the rookie idols of K-Pop. The program is the perfect opportunity to get to know a rising idol group better, as we document them in their natural element. As an added bonus, we have one-on-one interviews, games and challenges!

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source: ARIRANG K-POP 1 2

NCT 127 to Perform on "GMA" and "Strahan and Sara" on April 18

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Source: GMA 1, Strahan and Sara 1

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Brown Eyed Girls

Constitutional Court Orders Revision of Abortion Ban by End of 2020

The Constitutional Court ruled Thursday that the country’s decades-old abortion ban runs counter to the Constitution, paving the way for a revision of the criminal code 66 years after it was established.

In a landmark decision that overturned its 2012 ruling, the court ruled 7-2 that criminalizing all abortions -- even in the early stages of pregnancy -- restricts pregnant women’s rights to self-determination by forcing them to maintain the pregnancies.

The court saw that a fetus is considered as close to be a human being after 22 weeks of pregnancy. Before that period, women’s rights to self-determination outweighs a fetus’s right to life as giving birth and child-rearing have a “decisive” impact on women’s lives, according to the verdict.

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Source: The Korea Herald youtube, website