April 14th, 2019

BTS perform on Saturday Night Live

BTS performed their new song Boy With Luv and the famous Mic Drop. They're the first Asian artists to perform on the show.

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They did so well!!! Performing Boy With Luv with a live band was a good idea

source: bts_bighit, Saturday Night Live: 1, 2

SHINee Minho & INFINITE Jang Dong-woo to join military today

SHINee's Minho and INFINITE's Jang Dong-woo will enlist in the military on Monday.

Minho, whose birth name is Choi Min-ho, has volunteered for the Marine Corps and will join a boot camp located in the southeastern coastal city of Pohang.

"I will be away for a short or a long while," the member of SHINee said in a handwritten letter posted on his Instagram. "Since I debuted on May 25, 2008, the time has passed so fast. SHINee World, the fan club, has given warm comfort to me."

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source: The Korea Times

New audition show aims to nurture band music in Korea

Amid the Korean music scene dominated with K-pop idol music, JTBC's new music audition show was launched on a mission to create a "super" band composed of versatile musicians capable of producing music spanning many musical genres.

"Super Band" premiered on Friday evening, with many talented contestants and musical prodigies appearing on the show. Five judges ― veteran singer-producers Yoon Jong-shin and Yoon Sang, Joe Hahn of U.S. rock band Linkin Park, popular band Nell's lead vocalist Kim Jong-wan and K-pop duo AKMU's Suhyun ― participate in the show.

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source: JTBC Entertainment & The Korea Times