April 21st, 2019

Chan from Stray Kids wears cornrows, fans ask him to apologize during Vlive

On the 18th, Stray Kids' subunit 3RACHA consisting of leader Bang Chan, Changbin and Han performed their new track titled 'Zone' on Mcountdown. Fans noticed Chan's hairstyle, started questioning whether it was his choice or stylist's choice and demanded an explanation. Some argued that Chan should have known he shouldn't have done it because he's an English speaker and grew up in Australia.

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source: chanceonchan, Mnet-KPOP, stray kids vlive

TXT post - Cat & Dog concept images/teasers

Ahead of releasing an MV for their song 'Cat & Dog' (reportedly on April 25th though I can't find an official source for that date) BTS' little brother group have been releasing concept images with them & adorable animals all week -

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SUNMI Announces European Tour - Dates and Cities to Follow

Source: SUNMI

It's an Easter miracle! Can't wait for the dates and cities to be published as well, hopefully soon, so I can get a cheap plane ticket to one of them!