April 23rd, 2019


ATEEZ Debut on Billboard's Social 50 Chart + Dazed, Allure, Forbes and MTV Interviews

They debuted on Billboard's Social 50 chart this week, charting at No. 49 on the April 20th chart. In the past week, ATEEZ's biggest jump in activity came from their Twitter account as the band earned 129,000 retweets and 64,000 mentions on Twitter, along with 7,000 new followers. They've been sharing photos of themselves in New York, the U.K., France and in other group activities while on tour. Their sould-out tour came to an end on the 21st in Moscow.

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Sources: Billboard, Dazed, Allure, Forbes, MTV

I'm still impressed by the amount of attention/success they are getting. I find it really surprising and interesting that some of them are taking part/interest in their make up and styling.

The Return of Superman Ep 273

Joah & Hada

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Beoumjune decides to get the kids something healthy for breakfast. He may have went a little overboard lol. Then his mother and grandmother comes for a visit. We meet with Rawon again, she made her first appearances years ago when Rohui came to see her. She is freaking awesome, and I would like a spin off show with her and Queen Lani please. William has a really yucky habit, and Ben wants his own personal space. Jooho buys something for the kids, and is an example that some things need to be seen in person instead of buying online. Then he takes the kids to look at flowers and on to dinner, where Naeun is concerned about the things he's eating.

source: KBS WORLD TV 1 2 3 4 5

"Her Private Life" Ep 1-4 Discussion Post

Synopsis: Sung Duk Mi lives a double life as both a gallery curator and a fansite master for Si An, an idol group member. She’s a pro in both aspects of her life, and because of her fangirl dedication, Duk Mi has had to break up with several boyfriends, deciding instead to go all in for her fangirl activities instead of dating. Ryan is a new director at the gallery where Duk Mi works. Once a painter, Ryan was a sensation in the art world from his debut to his retirement, and is now seeing career success as a director. An individualist through and through, Ryan comes to find out about Duk Mi’s double life.
Cast: Kim Jae Wook, Park Min Young, Ahn Bo Hyun, One, Kim Bo Ra, Park Jin Joo
Director: Hong Jong Chan
Writer: Kim Hye Young, Kim Sung Yeon (web novel)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 10 - May 30, 2019
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:30

Watch Here: Viki | OnDramaNice

Sources: AsianWiki | MyDramaList

This has been fun the first two weeks! There's parts of the fangirl stuff I don't love, but Kim Jae Wook is perfect in this show. It's already getting into some of my favorite romcom tropes. Anyone else watching?

Eric Nam launches "Kpop Daebak" podcast

After tweeting "should I do a podcast" on March 31, Eric Nam has launched his own kpop podcast. Kpop Daebak is a show about the latest kpop releases each week, plus tidbits about working in the industry from Eric. There are also corresponding Youtube and Spotify playlists so listeners can check out the songs discussed in each episode.

The show started on April 8 and so far only has 3 episodes, but Eric has mentioned wanting to bring on celebrity guests in the future.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or your preferred podcast app.

Source: Eric Nam twitter, daebakshow twitter, Kpop Daebak Playlist (Spotify), Kpop Daebak with Eric Nam (Youtube), iTunes

I think it's fairly entertaining so far; not sure how he'd handle bringing guests on in a podcast medium since not all of them would speak English (one of the guests he mentioned was JooE for example.) Maybe upload the audio on youtube and subtitle it? idk

Box office readies for "Avengers" perfect storm

The local box office is showing signs of being overheated ahead of the local release of "Avengers: Endgame," Wednesday.

With moviegoers' explosive anticipation for the last "Avengers" sequel, the film's ticket reservation rate reached 97 percent Tuesday.

The number of ticket presales neared 2 million (it surpassed 2 million as of 1PM), marking a new record, which replaces the previous record set by "Avengers: Infinity War." Advance ticket sales for "Infinity War," released in April last year, reached 1.22 million.

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source: The Korea Times

C-Jes Terminates Toliet Y**c**n’s Contract After Drug Test Came Back Positive

Source: Daum via @balloon_wanted